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Course Catalog: Criminal Justice

CJ 1013 3.0
Intro Crim Justice
An introduction to the criminal justice system in America. This course stresses the inter-relatedness of the three components-police, courts, and corrections. Included is a study of current national problems within the system with an examination of proposed changes. The course provides historical and philosophical insights into the system of criminal justice.
Prerequisite: None

CJ 1023 3.0
Crim Law & Proced
A study of criminal, common, and statutory law within the context of enforcement. Study includes substantive criminal law, its development, interpretation, and administration with emphasis on the criminal law and procedures in the state of Missouri. Offered evenings only.
Prerequisite: None

CJ 1053 3.0
Constitutional Law
A course designed to provide the student with a broad, general introduction to the area of constitutional law. It is a study of the impact and influence of our Constitution's amendments on the field of criminal justice. The course should provide a clear description of recognizing the importance of our Constitution along with its ammendments as they apply to the rights of all involved when disseminating justice in our society: criminals, victims, police officers, lawyers, and our court system.
Prerequisite: CJ 1013, minimum grade C

CJ 2013 3.0
Introduction to Corrections
This course provides a basic knowledge of the correctional process as it proceeds from the time of arrest and incarceration, through the criminal justice system, and into the correctional institution or alternative program. It includes a description of various treatment modalities and philosophies. Offered evenings only.
Prerequisite: CJ 1013

CJ 2043 3.0
Police Patrl&Serv
A study of the foundations of police operations, providing patrol coverage and called-for services, the principle of conspicuous presence as a means of crime prevention, and preservation of the peace. Offered evenings only.
Prerequisite: CJ 1013, minimum grade C

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