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Course Catalog: Graphic Design

GD 1013 3.0
Intro Multimedia&Graphic Dsgn
This course will present students with a number of "tricks of the trade" used in the fields of Graphic Design and Multimedia. These will include equipment overviews, creative thinking projects, storyboarding, quality print output, and sound design. Students will be encouraged to explore non-traditional and artistic design styles to better market themselves in the job market.
Prerequisite: None

GD 1023 3.0
Digital Imaging-Photoshop
This is a studio course. This class offers an introduction to the concepts, processes, and software which are fundamental in creating and editing digital images. Basic and intermediate skills will be taught using Adobe PhotoShop. Student will explore color separation, best practices for creating Web images, including animated GIFs and preparation of images for both print and digital output.
Prerequisite: None

GD 1123 3.0
Digital Illustration I-Illustrator
This is a studio course. This course offers an introduction to the industry standard tools used to create graphical designs and text used in both the print and electronic based commercial media. Students will gain beginning/intermediate skills using Adobe Illustrator - the leading vector based illustration tool. Students will be gaining hands on experience with digital drawing tablets and multi-electronic output will also be addressed.
Prerequisite: None

GD 1133 3.0
Digital Illustration II-Adv Illustrator
This is a studio course. A continuation of Digital Illustration I-Illustrator - Students will be taking their skills in Adobe Illustrator to the intermediate/advance levels. An emphasis on layout, design, color schemes, page composition and typography will be applied. Students will explore creative combinations of vector and raster based images. The class will wrap up with "How to build a breath-taking digital portfolio."
Prerequisite: GD 1123

GD 1143 3.0
Introduction to Media & Design
This is a studio course. This course incorporates a combination of applied media aesthetics, theory and hands-on production experience in packaging design, audio and video production. Students will be introduced to the MAC Operating System through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on-experience. Students will also learn "tricks of the trade" when dealing with traditional and technological options and their uses to create graphic art. In addition, students will be introduced to the technologies uses to create audio designs for time-based media. Finally, students will cover the overall workings and equipment of Graphic Design.
Prerequisite: None

GD 1713 3.0
Web Animation-Flash
This is a studio course. This course focuses on basic skills in animation using web animation technology. Students will gain knowledge of subjects ranging from story development to final output and compression for web viewing. Students will work with elements of visual physics such as light and shadow, locomotion, and illusionary three-dimensional space. Students will be focusing on animation and audio for the web using Adobe Flash.
Prerequisite: None

GD 2003 3.0
Digital Video Tech I
This is a studio course. This course introduces students to the technology used to create and edit digital video. Using digital video cameras and non-linear editing tools students will learn the technological, aesthetic, and theoretical basics of creating motion media. The course culminates in the creation of a short subject student film. Non-studiio, field hours required.
Prerequisite: None

GD 2023 3.0
Multimedia Productions
This is a studio course. This course creates for students a "real life" production work situation. Students will be dealing with real "clients", working in a group situation, and fulfilling responsibiites as account executive, production manager, graphic artists, multimedia author as well as other essential job titles. They will deal with issues like budgets, deadlines, hardware/software troubleshooting, time management, prioritization, and marketing.
Prerequisite: GD 1143, AR 1023, GD 1023, GD 1123, GD 1133 and AR 1133

GD 2143 3.0
Prin of Production
This course provides a hands-on study of print production mechanics and techniques. Emphasis is placed on offset printing preparation, paper characteristics, inks, darkroom procedures and bindery.
Prerequisite: None.

GD 2153 3.0
Corporate Identity & Branding
This is a studio course. Students will create or choose a client, an institution or company and then research, plan a strategy and design brand marks (e.g., symbols and/or logotypes) for their client. They then will refine these designs and apply them on a variety of items. There will be weekly critiques and examples. By the end of the semester, each student will have completed designs and applications for items such as stationery systems, magazine ads, a standards manual, trade show signage, a corporate product brochure, point-of-purchase display, packaging and Web pages.
Prerequisites: AR 1023, AR 1133, GD 1023, GD 1123

GD 2163 3.0
3-D Modeling
This is a studio course. Students enrolled in 3-D Modeling will be learning the fundamental aspects of working in a 3-D work space. This includes learning to navigate a 3-D working space, understanding what the basic building blocks of a 3-D object are, and how they can be used to create more complex objects. Students will learn about how a 3-D objects is textured and rendered into a photo in addition to using virtual lights to light the modeled objects.
Prerequisites: GD 1023

GD 2173 3.0
Package Design
This is a studio course. Package Design course will explore how "graphics" impact the success or failure of packaging appeal. The psychology of color, typography and imagery will be explored in ways that affects the consumer in their purchasing of products. Students will study ways paper cartons are folded to create basic shapes as well as exotic ones. Plastics, metals and glass will also be studied for their use in packaging various items. Students will take their sketches and develop them into 3D prototypes. They will explore innovative forms of packaging for various products as well. The target market, place of sale and price will be discussed and evaluated. The history and technologies of packaging thru the ages will also be reviewed.
Prerequisites: AR 1023, AR 1133, GD 1023, GD 1123

GD 2223 3.0
Digital Photography
This is a studio course. This course introduces students to the world of professional photography. Students will learn to use professional photography equipment to take the best possible photographs. Focus will be placed on learning to create a digital workflow for dealing with the large number of photographs that professional photographers process on a daily basis. Emphasis will be placed on having properly configured equipment at the time of the shoot to minimize the time spent in post production. The class will require a significant investment of time outside the class.
Prerequisite: AR 2203 Corequisite: GD 1023

GD 2233 3.0
Page Design & Layout
This is a studio course. This course covers the basic concepts and tools of desktop publishing and page design. Assignments encourage continuity of design and creative solutions to complex two-dimensional communication problems. Projects include booklets, catalogs, visuals for multipart advertising campaigns and corporate identity design. This course also presents the steps in preparation for print production.
Prerequisite: GD 1023 AR 1023 and AR 1133

GD 2253 3.0
Web Design I
This is a studio course. This class will cover the principles of HTML, CSS and good web design. Students learn how to organize information and design the interactive function of a Web-based delivery system. The projects in this class are publications of Websites that have interpreted and applied interactive design and function in their Web site. Best practices using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop for developing websites, testing and trouble-shooting websites and resources for problem-solving will also be covered. Design briefs, HTML5, CSS3 and SEO may be covered if time permits.
Prerequisite: GD 1023

GD 2323 3.0
This is a studio course. This course covers the fundamentals of typography, its theory, practice, technology, and history. Studies range from introductory through current uses of typography. Exercises include the study of letterforms, type design, typographic expression and communication, type with image, proportion and grids, hierarchy, legibility, etc. The course will also serve to introduce the student to the department?s technical facilities and will increasingly utilize the various type generation and graphic reproduction systems available.
Prerequisite: GD 1123

GD 2433 3.0
Digital Video Tech II
This is a studio course. This course will emphasize content and production quality as well as optimization for delivery over the Internet. Integration and animation of 2D graphics, photographs and 3D objects will also be explored. Students will be using Adobe AfterEffects to accomplish high quality digital video and motion graphics projects.
Prerequisite: GD 2003, GD 1023, GD 1123, GD 1143

GD 2463 3.0
Web Design II
This is a studio course. This class is a continuation of Web Design I. The class will learn more about HTML5 and CSS3, how to develop a site for both mobile and desktop, and creating a site with a content management system, the use of Google analytics and SEO. E-commerce may be covered if time permits. The final class project will be a portfolio site featuring the students? work.
Prerequisite: GD 1023, GD 1123, GD 2253

GD 2603 3.0
Multimedia Design Internship
This course includes a supervised work experience in the multimedia design field. A minimum of 150 clock hours is required. The work experience and criteria will be coordinated between the college instructor, student and cooperating employer.
Prerequisite: This course should be taken in the student's second year in the degree program.

GD 2613 3.0
Graphic Design Internship
This course includes a supervised work experience in the graphic design field. A minimum of 150 clock hours is required. The work experience and criteria will be coordinated between the college instructor, student and cooperating employer.
Prerequisite: This course should be taken in the student's second year in the degree program.

GD 2692 2.0
Prog Capstone-Graphic Design&Multimedia
This course is designed to provide students with the skills for seeking employment (to manage their careers effectively). Topics covered include conducting a job search; interviewing techniques, employment correspondence; acquiring web based skills and resume and portfolio development for job search and career advancement. Students will also demonstrate technology and academic proficiency (Students will complete both the Technical Skills Assessment exit review and the WorkKeys assessment). The course should be taken the last or next to the last semester prior to graduation. Additional studio hours required. NOTE: Students enrolled in this course should be in their FINAL or NEXT TO FINAL SEMESTER and, therefore have nearly ALL of their program requirements completed.

GD 2701-2705 1.0-5.0
I.S.-Graphic Design
A specialized program of study directly related to the department's area of expertise. The course is arranged between a faculty member and student and takes into consideration the needs, interests and background of the student.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

GD 2711-2715 1.0-5.0
Special Topics
Courses are offered to accommodate special interests of students and/or faculty. Typically, the course will cover new material not currently contained in the curriculum at ECC.
Prerequisite: None

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