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Course Catalog: Medical Assistant

MDA 1000 0.0
Medial Asstistant Externship Prep (mep)
Medical Assistant students will complete all portions of the Medical Assistant Externship Packet (MEP) including passing a background check (as specified in packet information), a negative result drug screen (as specified in packet information), proof of two negative Tuberculosis tests or 1 chest x-tray, proof of immunity to measles and rubella (2 immunization dates or 1 titre) and check pox (date of disease of 2 immunization dates or 1 titre), proof of a Hepatitis "B" series (may be in progress) and influenza vaccination prior to registering for any MEP course. THis packet is valid for 12 months and will be applied to all Medical Assistant Externships completed within that time frame.
Prerequisite: MDA 1124, MDA2134 with a minimum grade of B and a passing grade in EM 1030 DEADLINE FOR COMPLETION--NO EXCEPTIONS: To register for a fall semester MEP course, MDA 1000 must be completed by-May 1st. To register for a spring semester MEP course, MDA 1000 must be completed by-October 1.

MDA 1013 3.0
Administrative Procedures
This lecture course will focus on medical office procedures including appointment scheduling, medical records, creation and maintenance, phone communication, financial process, coding, billing, collecting, third party reimbursement, credit arrangements, and computer use in the medical office. Pre-requisite: None

MDA 1123 3.0
Office Interpersonal & Comm Skills
This lecture course will stress emphasis on the application of basic psychological principles and the study of behavior, as they apply to special populations. This course includes such topics as developmental stages of the life cycle, principles of listening, therapueutic, verbal and non-verbal communication skills as they relate to the medical assistant role. Prerequisite: None

MDA 1124 4.0
Clinical Procedures
This course features a combination of lecture and laboratory time with emphasis on patient-centered assessment, examination, intervention, and treatment as directed by physicians. Includes vital signs, collection and documentation of patient information, asepsis, instruments, minor surgical procedures, injections, perform CLIA waived tests, maintain growth charts, hand washing, autoclaving/sterilization, wound care, and other treatments as appropriate for the medical office. Two hours lecture and four hours laboratory per week. Co/Prerequisite: EM 1011 BLS Hlthcare Providers

MDA 2134 4.0
Medical Laboratory Procedures
This career technical course credit hour includes collection, processing and transport of blood, urine, cultures; identification of normal ranges; and quality control measures. Students will learn principals of infection control and medical asepsis. Students will knowledge of and demonstrate performance on an EKG. Lab coat is required for this course and will not be provided by the instructor. Two hours of lecture and four hours of laboratory per week.
Prerequisite: MDA1124

MDA 2223 3.0
Prog Capstone-Medical Assist Review
A preparation for the Certified Medical Assisting Exam, including a review of all three components of the CMA exam. Presents an explanation of how the exam is scored and provides opportunities to take practice exams.
Prerequisite: The course should be taken the last or next to the last semester prior to graduation.

MDA 2234 4.0
Medical Assistant Clinical Externship
This is an externship in the Medical Assistant Career Technical Program. Students are placed in a health care setting, which provides practical experience to apply knowledge and skills learned to meet the competencies of the Medical Assistant program. Close and/or direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional (faculty or preceptor) in a clinical setting. Clinical education is an unpaid learning experience in which the student completes 200 hours of work. Students must complete this externship with a 100% on competency requirements.
Prerequisite: MDA1124 & MDA 2134. Students must pass all program externship application requirements & have consent of program instructor.

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