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Mission, Vision and Purpose


ECC Vision Statement

East Central College will connect its community to its future.


ECC Mission Statement

East Central College will provide an environment for lifelong learning.


ECC Purpose Statements


East Central College, in fulfilling its mission, will:

  • Provide associate degree programs and coursework to prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions.

  • Provide associate degree and certificate programs to prepare students with requisite career skills to enter the work force.

  • Prepare students in core academic areas for success in college level studies.

  • Surround its academic programs with student development opportunities and learning support.

  • Be a center of cultural activities, providing enrichment to the community.

  • Enhance student learning through student activities, service learning and community activities.

  • Be accessible to all students.

  • Provide business and industry training in support of regional economic development.

  • Offer continuing education and personal enrichment opportunity to the community.

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