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Academic Policies

Academic Freedom

East Central College, as an academic community, promotes learning, characterized by free inquiry, open discussion and thoughtful communication. Academic freedom is a tenet of such instruction and essential to the purpose of higher education. Faculty and students must be free to examine ideas in an environment without institutional censorship. (BP 5.3)

Course Syllabus

At the beginning of each semester, students will receive from college faculty a course syllabus for each course enrolled. The course syllabus details information about the course, including but not limited to:


Course Number, Section and Name

Official Course Description, including prerequisite, co-requisite or concurrent course requirement

Textbook and other official material requirements

Grading Policy, including what will factor into the course grade and how such items are weighed

Attendance Policy, including what constitutes excessive absence in the class

Course Objectives, including any information on how the course meets a general education requirement or a Common Learning Objective

Information on course requirements, including assignments, presentations, tests, etc.

A course schedule

College information, including information on use of the learning center, library, access services, academic advising, counseling, etc.

Detailed information on how to contact the faculty member, office location and email address

Information on the Academic Honor Code and policies related to academic dishonesty

Other information important to the course

A course syllabus represents detailed information about a course that is important to students and transfer institutions. The college maintains an electronic database of course syllabi. Students should keep course syllabi throughout enrollment at the college.

Class Cancellation

Certain conditions or situations may warrant class cancellation.

Individual Class

If an individual faculty member cancels class, the college will post official notice on the classroom door; some faculty may send a class email to notify students of the cancellation and give an assignment. Some faculty may post information via the college’s learning management system.

All Classes

When conditions are such that a campus or site closes, notification will be made via the college website and local television, radio or other media.

Academic Honor Code

As part of the Student Conduct Policy (Board Policy 3.17), students are required to adhere to the Academic Honor Code, which outlines expected student conduct with respect to course requirements. Students should be familiar with the Academic Honor Code and its expectations and limitations. Questions regarding the Academic Honor Code and how it applies to particular courses should be directed to the faculty.

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