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Course Prerequisite, Co-requisite, and Concurrent Registration


A prerequisite course is a requirement, stated in the course description, that must be fulfilled prior to enrolling in a course. A prerequisite course requirement is usually associated with sequential courses and requires satisfactory completion (grade C or better) of the prerequisite course. Prerequisite courses taken at other institutions will be evaluated based on East Central College’s transfer in course procedures. In addition, some departments at the college may use the age of a prerequisite course (typically reviewed if the course was taken five or more years ago) as a factor in determining whether a prerequisite is satisfied.


A co-requisite is a requirement that two or more courses be taken in the same semester. The co-requisite requirement is stated in the course descriptions of all courses affected. Typically, any enrollment activity in one co-requisite course will impact enrollment in the other. Activities affected may include withdrawal, audit or grade assignment.

Concurrent Registration

Courses listed as concurrent must be taken during the same semester. Completion of one course is independent of completion of the concurrent course. Enrollment activity in one course will not affect the other.

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