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Distance Education

ECC offers a variety of distance education opportunities for students through the campus learning management system, Moodle. The following options for the use of the learning management system to support learning are available to students:

Web On-Line - Course is taught entirely on-line. Other than any required orientations sessions, students will submit all work, including tests and assignments, on-line. No campus attendance is required for successful completion of this course.

Web Blended - Course is taught primarily on line. Students will be required to be on campus for study sessions, quizzes and/or tests and/or finals, viewing course materials, meetings with instructor, etc. All required meetings times and dates will be published, with the exception of required testing to be done within a window of time in the Testing Center.

Web Hybrid - Course meeting time is reduced by a maximum of 50%; remainder of course is taught as an on-line class. Students will be required to attend class meetings on a regular, scheduled basis; scheduled class meeting times will be published in advance.

Web Enhanced - Course will meet at a regularly scheduled class time. Students will be required to use Moodle for resource and course support material; quizzes, discussions and other submissions may be required via Moodle. Students should have access to a computer.

Web Supported - Course materials and reference sources are available via Moodle. Students will not be required to submit any course requirement using Moodle.

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