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The East Central College District is comprised of the following school districts: Washington, Union R-11, St. Clair R-13, Sullivan C-2, New Haven, Crawford County R-I (Bourbon), Franklin County R-2, Lonedell R-14, Strain-Japan R-16, and Spring Bluff R-15. Only residents of the district are eligible for the in-district rate of tuition.

A resident of the ECC district is:

  1. a dependent student whose parents or legal guardians have established residence within the district; or
  2. an independent student (adult student or emancipated minor) who has established residence within the district prior to enrollment in the college.
A student may be required to submit proof of his or her legal residence. In order to change to in-district resident status, a student must contact the Registrar's Office and provide additional documentation prior to the beginning of the semester. See “Residency Change Process” in Student Handbook section of this publication. (BP 3.4)
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