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Customized Training

The Customized Training Department at East Central College specializes in training to meet the needs of local business and industry. Customized Training provides a variety of courses and workshops in areas such as management, accounting and finance, manufacturing, hospitality, electronics, computers, quality, and technology.


The Customized Training staff work closely with representatives of local business and industry in conducting needs assessments and developing industry-specific curriculum and offer:

  • Experienced facilitators
  • WorkKeys job profiling and assessments
  • On-site training at the company's convenience
  • On-campus training sessions
  • One-hour training session to on-going training sessions
  • Credit and non-credit training sessions

The Customized Training staff serves as the Local Education Agency (LEA) for the Missouri Customized Training Program (MCTP) and the New Jobs Training Program (NJTP) through the state of Missouri. This state funded program can help offset a portion of a company's training costs.


For more information contact the Program Coordinator at  

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