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Semester by Semester Programs of Study


The Associate of Arts Degree Areas

Students seeking a transfer credential from East Central College will traditionally study in an Associate of Arts (AA) degree program. Each AA degree program is comprised of a 43 credit hour block of general education coursework coupled with a minimum of 21 credit hours of elective coursework, typically in the academic discipline chosen.


Each of the AA degree areas listed specifies coursework in a semester by semester arrangement


Degree Requirements

Candidates for an Associate of Arts degree must meet the following degree requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 64 college semester credit hours (a combination of the general education requirements and elective coursework), excluding developmental coursework (coursework numbered below 1000) or continuing education coursework
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 on all college credit earned
  • Satisfaction of the college residency requirement (a minimum of 15 of the last 30 credit hours must be completed at East Central College)

General Education Requirements:

Students must complete the 43 credit hour minimum skills and knowledge requirements for general education. Completion of this requirement will enable students transferring to a Missouri public four year college or university to enter having satisfied the lower level general education requirements and enter at the junior level.


Degree Options

East Central College offers students a variety of options in the Associate of Arts degrees. These options reflect departmental and discipline based requirements. For all Associate of Arts degree options, students should carefully consider transfer institution and baccalaureate degree requirements. The following list is accurate as of publication. Students should discuss elective options in the Associate Arts degrees with an academic advisor and/or the transfer institution.


In each of the following degree listings, the semester by semester plans include the following information:

  • Plans assume students are entering and starting at the college level courses in English and mathematics; for students needing prerequisite coursework, the planning of their degree will differ.
  • Courses are designated WRT, GLB, HOT, VAL, MAI based on their general education skill area (more information on this designation can be found in the General Education section of the catalog). Courses are designated within degree audit based on the knowledge area assignment as: HFA, MTH, SBS, CON, LPS
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