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The 2011-2013 edition of the East Central College Catalog is prepared for students, faculty, staff, partner institutions and others seeking information about the programs, policies, procedures and employees of the College. The most current and accurate information, as of the publishing of the catalog, is included. Students should check with an academic advisor or the on-line version of the catalog for the most current information regarding program and degree requirements. Updates to the catalog can be found at

The catalog is organized to assist the reader. A brief description of the sections of the catalog and the information in each is provided below:

A Welcome from the President and About the College will introduce the reader to East Central College, our mission, locations, accreditation information, the academic calendar and Student Consumer Information. Information on college governance can be found in the Board of Trustees and President section.

The next four sections of the catalog are of particular interest to students seeking to enroll at East Central College. Admissions, Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid and Assessment and Course Placement provide important information for incoming students. Included is detailed information on enrollment processes, how to apply for financial aid, the tuition and fees schedule and the incoming student assessment process.

Information on how the college supports students in their academic endeavors is found in the Support Services section of the catalog. The Academic Policies section provides information to the student and other institutions on many of the academic policies of the college, including Transfer of Credit.

A listing of the Academic Programs follows; this section also includes information on the various degree requirements and a description of the distance education options. In addition, the college’s General Education program is detailed in this section; all students receiving a degree from East Central College will have a general education requirement.

A listing of Student Policies detailed in the Student Handbook (appendix to the catalog) is next. The non exhaustive list refers the reader to the information covered in the Handbook.

A by-site listing of college programs follows. The Program Locations by site table lists the college locations and the study options at those locations. The Program Partnerships information provides additional details on many of the program offerings.

Student Activities provides the reader information about the college’s clubs and organizations, student newspaper, student government and other activities and events on campus. Information on the campus athletic programs is included.

East Central College offers programming in Adult and Continuing Education through the Center for Workforce Development. Information on the AEL/GED program, continuing education and support for business and industry can be found here.

The Degree Plans section includes a detailed, semester by semester program of study for each of the degree areas offered by the college. The next section, Instructional Divisions and Course Descriptions, describes the organization of the instructional divisions by academic discipline and includes the official course descriptions.

Community Resources describes various groups, boards and associations comprised of community members that support the work of the college, including the Patrons of the Arts programming. Personnel Listings include names, positions and other information about the employees of the college.

College Contacts includes specific information on who to call about specific areas within the college. A Glossary is included to assist the reader.

The final section of the catalog is the complete Student Handbook.

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