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Student Clubs and Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in student clubs and organizations as a way to grow personally and professionally, perform community service, and become acquainted with other students and faculty. Clubs and organizations reflect current student interests and must be formally recognized by the Student Government Association. Examples of student organizations include: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Student Missouri State Teachers Association, Art Club, Ecology Club, Pre-Engineering Club,  and the Literary Review.


Student Organizations Policy

The establishment of and participation in student organizations, which support the mission of the College, is encouraged.



To be established and maintained on the East Central College campus, a student organization must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a full-time employee sponsor.
  2. File a mission statement and application with the Chief Student Affairs Officer.
  3. Gain approval of the Student Government Association as a beneficial and worthy college organization.

Student organizations are governed by the constitution of the Student Government Association. Failure to function in accordance with the aforementioned mission statement or constitution will bring about loss of approval.

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