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Student Handbook

The East Central College Student Handbook, included as an addendum to this catalog, provides additional topics and details describing students’ rights and responsibilities, academic expectations, services offered and information on student life and activities. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies and procedures included in the Student Handbook as well as the College Catalog.


The Handbook includes information, such as:

  • Academic Advising & Counseling

  • Academic Calendar

  • Academic Honor Code & Disciplinary Procedures

  • Academic Standards of Progress

  • Appeals/Grievance Procedures

  • Children on Campus

  • Disability Support Services

  • Drug-Free College Policy

  • Financial Aid Procedures

  • Grades

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Learning Center and Library

  • Parking

  • Parents’ Rights

  • Privacy Rights

  • Safety & Security on Campus

  • Smoke Free Buildings

  • Student Complaint Procedure

  • Student Conduct Policy & Disciplinary Procedure

  • Student Organizations and Activities

  • Transfer In Credit Procedure

  • Tuition Payment Policy

  • Weapons on Campus

  • Withdrawal from Courses and/or College


Note: Refer to the Table of Contents for the entire Student Handbook


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