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DEPT - Department

NO. - Course Number

SEC - Course Section

TITLE - Course Title

CR - Credit Hours

ENROLLED/MAX - Number of Students Currently Enrolled / Maximum Capacity of Class.

When multiple sections are scheduled in the same room, enrollment is shown as:

(Number in this Section) Number in Room/ Maximum Capacity of Room

Classes at or exceeding maximum capacity have shaded background.

Classes within 2 of the maximum capacity have just enrollment shaded.

TIME - Class Time

DAY - Class Days

INSTR - Instructor

FEES - Additional Fees

The dates of late starting and early ending classes are given below the course title.


Web Class Definitions

Web On-Line - Course is taught entirely on-line. Other than any required orientations sessions, students will submit all work, including tests and assignments, on-line. No campus attendance is required for successful completion of this course.

Web Blended - Course is taught primarily on line. Students will be required to be on campus for study sessions, quizzes and/or tests and/or finals, viewing DVD’s or tapes, meetings with instructor, etc. All required meetings times and dates will be published, with the exception of required testing to be done within a window of time in the Testing Center.

Web Hybrid - Course meeting time is reduced by a maximum of 50%; remainder of course is taught as an on-line class. Students will be required to attend class meetings on a regular, scheduled basis; scheduled class meeting times will be published in advance.

Web Enhanced - Course will meet at a regularly scheduled class time. Students will be required to use WebCT for resource and course support material; quizzes, discussions and other submissions may be required via WebCT. Students should have access to a computer.

Web Supported - Course materials, reference sources and other course materials are available via WebCT. Students will not be required to submit any course requirement using WebCT.

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