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Six former coaches and 16 former athletes at East Central College were on hand Friday, March 4, for the inaugural induction ceremony for the ECC Athletic Hall of Fame.  More than 230 people, including many former ECC athletes, attended the event at the Gala Center across from the ECC campus in Union.

Coaches who were honored include Ken Dyson, men’s basketball coach and athletic director from 1969-76; Tom Dill, men’s baseball coach from 1974-91; Earlaine Sandoval, women’s volleyball coach from 1975-91; Dean Bittick, women’s softball coach from 1975-82; Bill Kackley, women’s basketball coach from 1983-2001; and Don Kappelmann, women’s softball coach from 1983-2004.  

Sixteen of the 37 ECC athletes who have attained All-American or Academic All-American honors were in attendance at the induction.  Jim Perry, president of the ECC board of trustees, presented plaques to each of the honorees.

“It was great to honor the original coaches for their years of dedicated service to the college and the athletic department,” stated Dr. Jay Mehrhoff, ECC athletic director.  “The induction ceremony was a culmination of decades of achievement by the coaches. The NJCAA All-Americans and Academic All-Americans being inducted along with the coaches made the evening special as everyone was able to reminisce about the past and their time participating in junior college athletics at East Central College.”

Mehrhoff noted that an interactive touch screen has been installed in the lobby outside the ECC gymnasium to provide a publicly accessible digital archive to photos and achievements of Hall of Fame athletes and coaches.  Photos of most of the ECC athletic teams can also be accessed from the touch screen.  Funding for the display was provided through a donation from the ECC Foundation, proceeds from the annual Alumni and Athletic Department Golf Tournament, and funds raised working at the Washington Town and Country Fair.


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