December 19, 2018
She has taught in West Africa. She spent several years tutoring hearing-impaired high school students. She even spent a year as a Spanish instructor. No matter the setting, Jennifer Higerd loves to teach. “I’ve really been teaching for most of my adult life,” she said. “I love watching and guiding the transformations and growth in [...]
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November 14, 2018
Like many high school seniors, Rick Briggenhorst had no idea what he wanted to do after graduation back in 2011. “On my last day in high school, I had a conversation with my marketing instructor and my art instructor,” the Union-native said. “They told me ‘math teaches you how to succeed. Art teaches you how [...]
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October 9, 2017
In 2015, East Central College Art Instructor Annette Green received a call from a friend at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Beaufort. He knew she was a skilled artist and had a project she might be interested in. “The church had been remodeled years earlier,” said Green. “In the process of removing the old wallboard, [...]
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