Employee Classifications:
Name Title Email Phone Office Credentials Classification
Tiffany Acton CNA Clinical Supervisor tiffany.acton@eastcentral.edu Associate - Nursing SUP
Darla Adair Adult Education & Literacy Instructor darla.adair@eastcentral.edu ABE
Joshua Adams Mathematics Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) joshua.adams@eastcentral.edu ROL Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Kristen Adams Psychology Adjunct kristen.oates@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Sociology; Master - Psychology ADJ
Doug Agee Bookstore and Imaging Services Manager doug.agee@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6714 DSSC Bachelor - Biology PRF
Kimberly Aguilar Administrative Assistant, Human Resources kimberly.aguilar@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6710 DSSC 005 Associate - Business Administration SUP
Rechell Alcorn EMT-P Adjunct rechell.nored@eastcentral.edu Certificate - EMT- Paramedic ADJ
Julia Alexander Reading Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) julia.alexander@eastcentral.edu RTC Specialist ADJ
Susan Altemeyer Registration Assistant susan.altemeyer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6556 BH 149 SUP
Kathryn Amsinger Adult Education and Literacy Instructor kathryn.amsinger@eastcentral.edu ECTC Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts ABE
Erin Anglin Executive Director Learning Center & Academic Support;Psychology Adjunct erin.anglin@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6741 BH 190 Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - English; Master - Counseling PRF
John Anglin Communications/Theatre Adjunct john.anglin@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Speech/Theater Educ; Master - Theatre ADJ
Julie Apperson Administrative Assistant, Facilities julie.apperson@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6735 PHPL Bachelor; Master - Bus Administration SUP
Ellen Aramburu Instructor, Spanish ellen.aramburu@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6603 HH 263 Bachelor - English; Bachelor - Spanish; Master - Spanish FAC
Linda Arrington Academic Advisor - Instructional;Mathematics Adjunct linda.arrington@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6677 HS 120 Bachelor - Mathematics PRF
Tiffanie Atherton Biology Adjunct tiffanie.atherton@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Biotechnology; Master - Biotechnology ADJ
Jenny Atkins Custodian jenny.atkins@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Kelly Austermann Music Adjunct kelly.austermann@eastcentral.edu Bachelor; Doctor - Clarient Performance; Master - Clarient Performance ADJ
Grace Austin Instr, Comm/Thtr & Theatre/Musical Director/Program Coord grace.austin@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6695 HH 130 Bachelor - Theatre; Master - Theatre FAC
Christina Ayres Director, Rolla Campus;Mathematics Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) christina.ayres@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6959 RNT 100 Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics PRF
Carol Bailie Payroll Specialist carol.bailie@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6706 BH 261 SUP
Lorrie Baird Financial Aid Advisor;Foundation Seminar Adjunct lorrie.baird@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6570 BH 119 Associate; Bachelor - Sociology PRF
Robert Baldwin Director of Online Learning & Educational Technology robert.baldwin@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6609 HH 159 Associate - Commercial Art; Associate - English; Bachelor - Art; Master PRF
Linda Barro Associate Professor, English linda.barro@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6645 HH 232 Bachelor - English; Master - English; Specialist - Educational Technology FAC
Sean Barton Instructor, Graphic Design sean.barton@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6672 HH 247 Bachelor; Master - Art FAC
Carl Bauer College President jon.bauer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6501 BH 255 Associate; Bachelor - Radio-Television; Doctor; Master - Bus Administration ADM
Lauren Bauer Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball lauren.borgerding@eastcentral.edu Associate - General Studies ASC
Courtney Baxter Medical Asst Adjunct ECC-Rolla courtney.baxter@eastcentral.edu RNT Associate - Medical Assistant ADJ
Lauren Bearden Theatre Adjunct lauren.bearden@eastcentral.edu Master - Theatre ADJ
Julie Beck Program Assistant Allied Health julie.beck@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6616 HS 105 SUP
Curtis Beers Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District curtis.beers@eastcentral.edu Associate - Drafting & Design; Certificate - Fire Technology ADJ
Stacy Bellville Exec. Administrative Assistant, VP of Academic Affairs stacy.bellville@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6602 BH 251 Associate - Social Science; Bachelor SUP
Genette Berges Education Adjunct genette.berges@eastcentral.edu HH Associate - Elementary Education; Associate - Music - Fine Arts; Bachelor - Elementary Education; Master - Education ADJ
Cynthia Berti Academic Advisor Nursing & Allied Health cynthia.berti@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6621 HS 110 SUP
Judy Bieker Associate Professor, Nursing/Prog Coord judy.bieker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6620 HS 112 Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Masters of Nursing/RN FAC
Stacey Binder Psychology Adjunct stacey.binder@eastcentral.edu Associate - General Studies ADJ
Lisa Blackmore Music Adjunct lisa.blackmore@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Trumpet Performance; Doctor - Trumpet Performance; Master - Trumpet Performance ADJ
Joannie Blakely Instructor, Nursing (ECC-Rolla) joannie.blakely@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6948 RNT 109A Bachelor - Nursing/RN FAC
Bobby Bland Instructor, Welding/Program Coordinator bobby.bland@eastcentral.edu 636-584-5810 BIC 118 Certificate - Field Tested Exp. - Welding FAC
Jaimie Blaue Nursing Adjunct jaimie.blaue@eastcentral.edu Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Bachelors of Nursing/RN ADJ
Kerry Blocker Office Clerk, Science & Engineering kerry.blocker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6773 HH 405 SUP
Taylor Bodenschatz Psychology Adjunct taylor.bodenschatz@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Behavioral Science; Master - Criminal Justice ADJ
Ann Boehmer Dean of Instruction;Mathematics Adjunct ann.boehmer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6679 HH 421 Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics PRF
Donald Boettcher Adult Education and Literacy Instructor donald.boettcher@eastcentral.edu ECTC ABE
Mary Bonine Instructor, Biology/Health Sciences (Union/Rolla) mary.bonine@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6630 HS 209 Bachelor - Biology; Bachelor - Botany; Master - Biology FAC
Aaron Bounds Assistant Professor, Music/Band Director aaron.bounds@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6697 HH 113 Bachelor - Music Education; Master - Music - Fine Arts FAC
Shea Bowen Marketing Adjunct shea.bowen@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Marketing ADJ
Benjamin Brady Business Management Adjunct benjamin.brady@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor; Bachelor - Computer Science; Master - Bus Administration ADJ
Courtney Brandt Instructor, Nursing (ECC-Rolla) courtney.brandt@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6946 RNT 109B Bachelor - Nursing/RN; Master - Nursing/RN FAC
Larissa Bray Education Adjunct larissa.bray@eastcentral.edu Master - Education; Specialist - Educational Technology ADJ
Theresa Briggs EMT-P Adjunct theresa.briggs@eastcentral.edu HS 116 Associate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - Fire Technology ADJ
Reginald Brigham Instructor, Mathemathics/Department Chair Math & Education reginald.brigham@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4087 RTC 115 Bachelor - Mathematics; Doctor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics FAC
Cynthia Brinker Coordinator, Grants and Program Administration cynthia.brinker@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5803 BIC PRF
Paulina Broeder Health Career Programs Instructor paulina.broeder@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History CON
Terry Brookshire Dual Credit Instructor Rolla terry.brookshire@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Thomas Brune Instructional Program Assistant, HVAC thomas.brune@eastcentral.edu BIC SUP
Timothy Buchheit Communications/Theatre Adjunct timothy.buchheit@eastcentral.edu Master - Theatre ADJ
Stephanie Buchholz Associate Professor, Health Info Management stephanie.buchholz@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6611 HH 153 Associate - Health Information Management; Bachelor - Nursing-Transfer; Master - Health Informatics & Bioinform; Master - Nursing-Transfer FAC
Brook Burgess Mail Clerk/Duplicator brook.burgess@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6718 DSSC 013 SUP
Leon Burke Music Adjunct leon.burke@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts; Doctor - Music - Fine Arts; Master - Music - Fine Arts ADJ
Diane Burnett Human Resources Specialist diane.burnett@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6711 DSSC 005 Master - Human Resources PRF
Laura Cain Admissions Counselor High School Populations laura.cain@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6694 BH 151 Bachelor - Biochemistry; Master - Education PRF
Christopher Campbell Adult Education & Literacy Instructor christopher.campbell@eastcentral.edu ABE
Steven Campbell Political Science Adjunct steven.campbell2@eastcentral.edu Master - Political Science ADJ
Tamara Campbell Music Adjunct tamara.campbell@eastcentral.edu Master - Vocal Performance ADJ
Alyce Carpenter Psychology Adjunct alyce.carpenter@eastcentral.edu BH Associate - Psychology; Master - Counseling ADJ
Jon Ceretto Adjunct Instructor - Engineering/C++ jon.ceretto@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Geography/Ecosystems; Master - Computer Science ADJ
Samuel Charles Music Adjunct samuel.charles@eastcentral.edu Master - Music Education ADJ
Cheryl Childress Art Adjunct cheryl.childress@eastcentral.edu DSSC PHO Master - Art ADJ
Julie Chirban Instructor, Nursing (ECC-Rolla) julie.chirban@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6947 RNT 109E Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN FAC
Joseph Chitwood Network and System Technician joseph.chitwood2@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6724 HH 308 Associate - Computer Information System SUP
Eric Clapper Academic Advisor;Foundation Seminar Adjunct eric.clapper@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6564 BH 151 Associate - General Studies; Bachelor - Criminal Justice PRF
Martin Clayes Head Soccer Coach - Men's & Women's martin.clayes@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6748 DSSC 137 PRF
Duane Clonts Instructor, Industrial Engineering Tech Iet duane.clonts@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5809 BIC Associate - General Studies; Associate - Industrial Engineering Tech; Bachelor - Organizational Studies FAC
Theodore Coburn Criminal Justice Adjunct theodore.coburn2@eastcentral.edu Associate - General Studies; Bachelor - Social Work; Master - Social Work ADJ
Shana Collier Communications Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) shana.collier@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Communications; Master - Communications ADJ
Nancy Cook Education Adjunct nancy.cook@eastcentral.edu Master - Counseling; Master - Educational Administration; Specialist ADJ
Raymond Cousins Chemistry Adjunct raymond.cousins@eastcentral.edu HS Bachelor - Chemistry; Doctor - Chemistry ADJ
Jean Craft Adult Education and Literacy Instructor jean.craft@eastcentral.edu ECTC ABE
Lucy Crain Health Science Adjunct lucy.crain@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Dietetics; Master - Dietetics ADJ
JC Crane Director, Admissions jc.crane@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6552 BH 126 Bachelor - Radio-Television PRF
Jennifer Crosby Assistant Director, ECC Rolla;Foundations Seminar (ECC-Rolla) jenni.crosby@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4077 RTC 116 Associate - Social Work; Bachelor - Criminal Justice; Master PRF
Patricia Crumpecker Bookstore Associate patricia.crumpecker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6737 DSSC LL SUP
Cynthia Cubas Administrative Assistant ECC-Rolla cynthia.cubas@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6960 RNT Associate - Office Automation SUP
William Cunningham Professor, Sociology/Dept Chair william.cunningham@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6651 BH 208 Bachelor - Social Work; Doctor - Social Work; Master - Social Work FAC
Edward Curnutte Cis Lab Monitor edward.curnutte@eastcentral.edu HH Lab SUP
Ehren Curnutte Systems and Network Manager ehren.curnutte@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6642 HH 128 Associate - General Studies PRF
Carmel Dare Dual Credit Instructor Rolla Master - Counseling ADJ
Sarah Davenport Instructor, Mathematics sarah.sexton@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6681 HH 409 Bachelor; Master - Applied Mathematics FAC
Miguel De Aguero Coordinator, Technical Support miguel.deaguero@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6640 HH 314 Associate - Computer Information System; Certificate - Computer Information System PRF
David DeArmond Instructor, HVAC/Program Coordinator david.dearmond@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5821 BIC 141 Associate - Air Conditioning; Bachelor - Human Resources FAC
Alyse Deason Biology Adjunct alyse.deason@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Laura Deason Associate Registrar laura.deason@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6579 BH 138 Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Mathematics PRF
Rhonda DeClue Custodian rhonda.declue@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Katelyn Delvaux English Adjunct katelyn.delvaux@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master - Creative Writing ADJ
Amy DeMiere Program Assistant Instruction amy.demiere@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6923 HH 419 Associate - Biotechnology; Bachelor - Psychology SUP
Eileen Derbyshire Library Technician, Public Services 636-584-6560 BH 159 SUP
Coreen Derifield Assistant Professor Political Science/History coreen.derifield@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6690 BH 206 Bachelor - History; Doctor - History; Master - History FAC
Timothy Derifield Instructor, Psychology/Sociology (ECC/Rolla) timothy.derifield@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH 117 Bachelor - Philosophy FAC
Michelle Deuser Exec. Administrative Assistant, VP of Finance & Admin michelle.deuser@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6702 BH 268 SUP
Ruth Diaz Education Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) ruth.diaz@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Accounting; Master ADJ
Sarah Dierker Business Management Adjunct sarah.dierker@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Bus Administration; Master - Technology ADJ
Kevin Dixon Associate Professor, Biology kevin.dixon@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6631 HS 211 Bachelor - Microbiology; Master - Biotechnology FAC
Melanie Dixon Admissions Counselor - Adult Populations melanie.dixon@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6554 BH 149 Associate; Associate - Education; Bachelor - Psychology PRF
Joel Doepker Vice President, External Relations;Communications Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) joel.doepker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6527 BH 250 Bachelor - Broadcast and Cinematic Arts; Master - Communications ADM
Hannah Domino Executive Administrative Assistant, External Relations hannah.domino@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6742 BH 249 Master - Communications SUP
Paul Douglas Custodian paul.douglas@eastcentral.edu SUP
Brenda Driemeyer Office Clerk Social Sciences brenda.driemeyer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6598 HH 251 Associate - Med Infor Secretary; Certificate - Med Infor Secretary SUP
Jeremiah Driver English Adjunct jeremiah.driver@eastcentral.edu Associate - Liberal Studies; Bachelor - English; Master ADJ
Peggy Dudley Boyer Adult Education and Literacy Instructor peggy.dudleyboyer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6532 ECTC Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer ABE
Jenna Dulworth Financial Aid Specialist jenna.dulworth@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6563 BH 152 SUP
Jason Durbin Instructor, Computer Information Systems/Business jason.durbin@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4086 RTC 115 Bachelor - Management Systems (with Umr); Master - Information Systems FAC
Emily Durham Coordinator, Campus Life and Leadership;English Adjunct emily.durham@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6583 DSSC 104 Master - English PRF
Gary Durham Precision Machine Adjunct gary.durham@eastcentral.edu Associate - Technology ADJ
Mary Eagan AEL Instruction Coordinator mary.eagan@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6665 ECTC 107 Bachelor - Elementary Education PRF
Brenda Eckelkamp Administrative Assistant, AEL Program brenda.eckelkamp@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6533 ECTC Lob Associate - Business; Certificate - Business SUP
Emily Edens English Adjunct emily.edens@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History; Master - Teaching ADJ
Megan Elbert Exec. Administrative Assistant, VP of Student Development megan.elbert@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6566 BH 132 Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Business SUP
Curtis Elliott Instructor, Precision Machining/Program Coordinator curtis.elliott@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5811 BIC 119 Associate - Auto Technology FAC
Madison Emerick English Adjunct madison.emerick@eastcentral.edu Master - Creative Writing ADJ
Suzanne Emmons Education Adjunct suzanne.emmons@eastcentral.edu Multiple - Elementary Education ADJ
Lisa Epple Assistant, Early College Programs lisa.epple@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6568 BH 156 Associate - Adminis Assistant SUP
Nathan Esbeck Instructor, Industrial Engineering/Program Coordinator nathan.esbeck@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5812 BIC 120 Bachelor - Industrial Engineering FAC
Anne Estes Instructor, Mathematics anne.mentz@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6680 HH 423 Associate - Secondary Education; Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics FAC
Lisa Farrell Director, Library Services lisa.farrell@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6558 BH 163 Bachelor - Sociology; Master - Library Science PRF
Amy Feese Culinary Arts Adjunct amy.feese@eastcentral.edu ECTC Bachelor - Art ADJ
Deanne Fiedler Assistant, Athletics deanne.fiedler@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6586 DSSC 313 SUP
Adam Fitts Food Service Associate adam.fitts@eastcentral.edu DSSC Caf Associate - Associate of Arts SUP
Thomas Fitts Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Services thomas.fitts@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6623 HS 115 Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing; Certificate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT-Paramedic Tech; Master FAC
Karen Fixsal Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District karen.fixsal@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Shawna Flanigan Theatre Adjunct shawna.flanigan@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Theatre ADJ
Patience Fleer Music Adjunct patti.fleer@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Communications; Master - Music - Fine Arts ADJ
Elizabeth Flotte Instructor, Biology elizabeth.cantrell@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6629 HS 208 Bachelor - Fisheries Conservat; Doctor - Education; Master - Biology FAC
Colin Flynn English Adjunct colin.flynn@eastcentral.edu Bachelor; Master - English ADJ
Kerri Flynn Psychology Adjunct kerri.flynn@eastcentral.edu Master - Counselor Education ADJ
Sheila Flynn Custodian sheila.flynn@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6734 PHPL SUP
Patrick Fogarty Dual Credit Instructor patrick.fogarty@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History; Master - Teaching ADJ
Linda Follis Mathematics Adjunct linda.follis@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6678 HH 415 Bachelor - Education; Master - Computer Science; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Elisha Ford Accounting Adjunct elisha.ford@eastcentral.edu HH Associate - General Studies; Bachelor - Accounting; Master - Accounting ADJ
Paula Frank Bookstore Accounts Technician paula.frank@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6737 DSSC LL Associate - Education; Bachelor SUP
Jeffrey Frankenberg Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District jeffrey.frankenberg@eastcentral.edu Certificate - Building Construction; Multiple - Building Construction ADJ
Stacy Frankenberg Learning Center Specialist stacy.frankenberg@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH BH175 SUP
Alex Freeman Theatre Adjunct - Rolla alex.freeman@eastcentral.edu Master - Theatre ADJ
Krista Frohling Art Adjunct krista.frohling@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Photography; Master - Communications ADJ
Paula Gamez Adult Education and Literacy Instructor paula.gamez@eastcentral.edu Associate - General Studies; Bachelor - Education ABE
Alex Garber Dual Credit Instructor alex.garber@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History; Master - History ADJ
Bonnie Gardner Executive Assistant to the President bonnie.gardner@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6502 BH 254 Associate - Adminis Assistant; Certificate - Adminis Assistant PRF
Matthew Gerling Food Service Associate matthew.gerling@eastcentral.edu DSSC CAF SUP
John Ghirardi Lead Custodian john.ghirardi@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Denette Gibbs Technical Support Technician denette.gibbs@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6738 HH 314 SUP
Susan Giesing Education Adjunct susan.giesing@eastcentral.edu EDUADJ Master - Education ADJ
Matthew Gifford Instructor, Philosophy/Religion matthew.gifford@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6185 HH 253 Bachelor - Biblical Studies; Master - Philosophy FAC
Morgan Gilliland Nursing Adjunct morgan.gilliland@eastcentral.edu Master - Nursing ADJ
Joan Glosemeyer Financial Aid Specialist joan.glosemeyer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6572 BH 150 Associate - Adminis Assistant SUP
Jenifer Goodson Instructor, Emergency Medical Service jenifer.goodson@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6622 HS 114 Associate - Associate of Arts; Associate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT-Paramedic Tech FAC
Jerry Goodson Precision Machine Adjunct jerry.goodson@eastcentral.edu Associate - Precision Machining Tech; Certificate - Precision Machining Tech ADJ
Parvadha Govindaswamy Associate Professor, Biology/Department Chair parvadha.govindaswamy@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6627 HS 206 Doctor - Environmental Science FAC
Matthew Graham Business Management Adjunct matthew.graham@eastcentral.edu Associate - Business Administration; Bachelor - Bus Administration; Master ADJ
Kirk Grass Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District kirk.grass@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Timothy Gray Textbook Associate;Mathematics Adjunct timothy.gray@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6716 DSSC LL Bachelor - Mathematics SUP
Miranda Green Psychology Adjunct miranda.green@eastcentral.edu Associate - Psychology ADJ
Jonathan Gruett Director, Financial Aid jon.gruett@eastcentral.edu BH 125 Bachelor - Psychology; Master - Bus Administration PRF
Marcia Guckes Adult Education and Literacy Instructor marcia.guckes@eastcentral.edu ABE
Lisa Haag Learning Center Specialist;Civilization Adjunct - Hourly lisa.haag@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH Bachelor - Foreign Language; Master - Foreign Language SUP
Ann Haas Mathematics Adjunct teri.haas@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Secondary Education; Master - Counseling ADJ
Thomas Haas Sociology Adjunct thomas.haas@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Education; Master - Counseling ADJ
Sarah Haines Program Assistant Business & Industry;Foundations Seminar Hrly Adjunct sarah.haines@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6139 HH 133 Associate - Psychology; Bachelor - Psychology SUP
Cole Halfaker Student Services Specialist - ECC Rolla cole.halfaker@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4075 RTC Atri SUP
Daniel Hall Accounting Adjunct daniel.hall@eastcentral.edu HH 238 Bachelor - Business; Master - Bus Administration ADJ
Lisa Hanneken Instructor, Business/Accounting lisa.hanneken@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6562 HH 306-D Bachelor - Accounting; Master FAC
Robin Hanson Anthropology Adjunct robin.hanson@eastcentral.edu Doctor - American Studies; Master - Anthropology ADJ
John Hardecke Instructor, English john.hardecke@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6656 HH 226 Bachelor - English; Master - English FAC
Joseph Hardin Custodian joseph.hardin@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Star Hargis English Adjunct star.hargis@eastcentral.edu Master - English ADJ
Madison Harris Nursing Adjunct madison.harris@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Nursing ADJ
Jill Harrison Nursing Adjunct jill.harrison@eastcentral.edu HS Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Wendy Hartmann Director, Human Resources wendy.hartmann@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6712 DSSC 005 Bachelor - Bus Administration; Master - Human Resources PRF
Sarah Havens Biology Adjunct sarah.havens@eastcentral.edu HS Bachelor; Master ADJ
Nancy Hayes Biology Adjunct nancy.hayes@eastcentral.edu Master - Microbiology ADJ
Shanee Haynes Assistant Professor Communications shanee.haynes@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6649 HH 126 Bachelor - Communications; Master - Communications FAC
Sharon Hays Accounts Payable Specialist sharon.jost@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6707 BH 261 SUP
Jennifer Heberlie Education Adjunct jennifer.heberlie@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Early Childhood Education ADJ
Stephanie Hebert Business Analyst, Enrollment Services;Foundation Seminar Adjunct stephanie.hebert@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6555 BH 144 Bachelor - English PRF
Rebecca Heimann Academic Advisor becki.heimann@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6587 BH 144 Associate - Accounting; Bachelor - Accounting PRF
Amelia Heisler Darkroom Assistant amelia.heisler@eastcentral.edu DSSC PHO SUP
Brian Heldenbrand Adult Education and Literacy Instructor brian.heldenbrand@eastcentral.edu RNT ABE
Laura Hemker Cashier/Accounts Receivable laura.hemker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6739 BH 261 Associate - General Studies; Certificate - Criminal Justice SUP
Russell Henderson Associate Professor, History russell.henderson@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6691 BH 221 Bachelor - History; Doctor - History; Master - History FAC
Susan Henderson Assistant Professor, English susan.henderson@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6647 HH 224 Bachelor; Master - English FAC
Bethany Herron Student Services Specialist bethany.herron@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6578 BH LOBBY SUP
Kathleen Hertlein Religion Adjunct kathleen.hertlein@eastcentral.edu Master - Religion ADJ
Jennifer Higerd Assistant Professor, Art/Art Gallery Curator jennifer.higerd@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6653 HH 241 Bachelor; Master FAC
Judith Higginbotham Learning Center Specialist judith.higginbotham@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics SUP
Jason Hildebrandt Fire Technology Adjunct jason.hildebrandt@eastcentral.edu HS Associate - EMT- Paramedic; Associate - Fire Technology; Bachelor; Certificate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT-Paramedic Tech; Certificate - Fire Technology ADJ
Deborah Hill-Triola Reading Adjunct deborah.hill-triola@eastcentral.edu BH Bachelor; Master - Education ADJ
Lark Hoffman Associate Director, Financial Services lark.hoffman@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6705 BH 265 Bachelor PRF
Regina Holmes Mathematics Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) regina.holmes@eastcentral.edu RTC Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Curriculum & Instruction ADJ
William Hopkins Music Adjunct william.hopkins@eastcentral.edu Master - Guitar Performance ADJ
Jessica Horn Assistant, Nursing jessica.horn@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6148 HS 105 Associate - Associate of Arts SUP
Joseph Houston Director, Information Technology doug.houston@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6732 HH 318 PRF
Joseph Hovland Instructor, Culinary Arts joe.hovland@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6686 ECTC 121 Associate - Baking & Pastry Arts; Associate - Culinary Arts FAC
Rachel Howard Instructor, Psychology/Sociology (ECC/Rolla) rachel.howard@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6547 HH 259 Bachelor - Elementary Education; Bachelor - Psychology; Master - Counselor Education FAC
Richard Hudanick Dean of Career and Technical Education;Business Management Adjunct richard.hudanick@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6635 HH 137 Bachelor - Business Management; Doctor; Master - Bus Administration PRF
Mary Huxel Education Adjunct mary.huxel@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6613 HH 259 Bachelor - Education; Master - Education ADJ
Laura Janes Psychology Adjunct laura.janes@eastcentral.edu Master - Psychology ADJ
Jeffrey Jaquess Physical Science Adjunct jeffrey.jaquess@eastcentral.edu HS Bachelor - Geology; Master - Geology ADJ
Cathy Jinkerson Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District cathy.jinkerson@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Education; Master - Educational Administration ADJ
Terry Jobe Mathematics Adjunct terry.jobe@eastcentral.edu Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Rachel Johnson History Adjunct rachel.johnson2@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History; Master - History ADJ
Hannah Jolley Library Technician, Public Services hannah.jolley@eastcentral.edu Associate - Associate of Arts SUP
Gregg Jones Director, Communications & Marketing gregg.jones@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6507 BH 246 Bachelor - Journalism PRF
Emily Joseph Biology Adjunct emily.joseph@eastcentral.edu Master - Science Education ADJ
Connor Joyce Music Adjunct;Music Accompanist connor.joyce@eastcentral.edu HH Associate - Fine Arts; Master - Piano Performance ADJ
Naomi Joyce Music Accompanist naomi.joyce@eastcentral.edu Associate - Associate of Arts; Associate - Music - Fine Arts SUP
Jennifer Judd Professor, Music/Program Coordinator jennifer.judd@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6696 HH 111 Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts; Doctor - Music - Fine Arts; Master - Music - Fine Arts FAC
Stephanie Juengling Education Adjunct stephanie.juengling@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master - Special Education ADJ
Christopher Karr Criminal Justice Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) christopher.karr@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Criminal Justice; Master - Criminal Justice ADJ
Rachael Karr Enrollment Services Coordinator;Foundations Seminar (ECC-Rolla) rachael.karr@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4078 RTC 116 Bachelor - Psychology PRF
Timothy Karth Music Adjunct timothy.karth@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Music Education; Master - Music Education ADJ
Bridgette Kelch Institutional Development/Foundation Executive Director bridgette.kelch@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6505 BH 244 Associate - Elementary Education; Bachelor - Historic Preservation PRF
Elmer Kellmann Biology Adjunct elmer.kellmann@eastcentral.edu HS Master - Biotechnology ADJ
Isaiah Kellogg Assistant Professor, Physics isaiah.kellogg@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6685 HS 210 Bachelor - Mechanical Engineering; Doctor - Mechanical Engineering; Master - Mechanical Engineering FAC
Daniel Kemper Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District daniel.kemper@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Donna Kennedy Custodian donna.kennedy@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6734 PHPL Associate - Adminis Assistant; Associate - Office Automation; Certificate - Clerical SUP
Lansin Kimler Music Adjunct lansin.kimler@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts; Master - Music - Fine Arts ADJ
Lori Kinney Custodian DSSC CAF SUP
Heather Kleekamp Associate Director, Financial Aid heather.kleekamp@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6574 BH 120 Master - Bus Administration; Multiple - Gen Studies-Transfer PRF
Karen Klos Instructional Design Specialist karen.klos@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6614 HH 163 Associate; Bachelor - Communications; Master PRF
Andrew Kolb Coordinator, Web Services/Programming andrew.kolb@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6594 HH 306A Associate - Associate of Arts PRF
Leigh Kolb Assistant Professor, English/Journalism leigh.kolb@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6643 HH 228 Bachelor - English; Master - Writing FAC
Michelle Koons Nursing Adjunct - Rolla michelle.koons@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Lisa Korn EMT-P Adjunct lisa.korn@eastcentral.edu Certificate - EMT- Paramedic ADJ
David Krug HVAC Adjunct david.krug@eastcentral.edu Certificate ADJ
Jennifer Kuchem Counselor;Sociology Adjunct jenny.kuchem@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6580 BH 134 Bachelor - Psychology; Master - Counseling PRF
Barbara Kuelker Financial Aid Advisor barbara.kuelker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6571 BH 149 PRF
Nicole Kuske Adult Education & Literacy Instructor nicole.kuske@eastcentral.edu Associate - History ABE
Cheryl Ladage Library Technician Technical Services cheryl.ladage@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6561 BH 162 SUP
Susan LaFayette English Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) susan.lafayette@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master ADJ
Paul Lampe Interim Vice President Student Development paul.lampe@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6581 BH 136 Bachelor - English; Master - Counseling; Master - English ADM
first_name last_name title email phone office credentials clas
Anne Lause Enterprise System Administrator anne.lause@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6725 HH 316 Bachelor - Computer Information System PRF
Lavonda Lawson Administrative Assistant, Nursing ECC-Rolla lavonda.lawson@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6950 RNT 109 SUP
Daniel Leslie Criminal Justice Adjunct daniel.leslie@eastcentral.edu Associate - EMT- Paramedic; Bachelor - Economics; Certificate - EMT- Paramedic; Certificate - EMT-Paramedic Tech; Doctor - Law ADJ
Shelley Lewis Mathematics Adjunct shelley.lewis@eastcentral.edu Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor; Master ADJ
Amanda Limback Adjunct - Agriculture Master - Agriculture ADJ
Bethany Lohden Director, Institutional Research bethany.lohden@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6503 BH 248 Bachelor - Marketing; Master - Comp Info Sys-Bus PRF
Sandra Love Cashier/Accounts Receivable sandra.love@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6739 BH Lobby SUP
John Luechtefeld Maintenance Technician john.luechtefeld@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Connie Lutz Mathematics Adjunct connie.lutz@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor; Master - Math Education ADJ
Lana Mabe Computer Applications Adjunct lana.mabe@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Accounting ADJ
Peter Madsen English Adjunct peter.madsen@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English ADJ
Robert Mahon Associate Professor, English robert.mahon@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6615 DSSC 311 Bachelor - English; Doctor - English; Master - English FAC
David Mailes Adult Education and Literacy Instructor david.mailes@eastcentral.edu ECTC ABE
Elizabeth Manhart Office Clerk Humanities & Fine Arts;Graphic Design Adjunct elizabeth.manhart@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6673 HH 242 Associate - Design; Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor; Certificate - Design; Certificate - Multimed Dsgn&Digit; Master - Design SUP
Jason Manhart Facilities & Grounds Technician jason.manhart@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6734 PHPL Associate - Fine Arts; Associate - Medical Assistant SUP
Constance Manion Certified Nurses Assistant Instructor;Certified Medication Technician Adjunct;Certified Medical Tech Adjunct-Insulin constance.manion@eastcentral.edu ECTC Certificate - Medication Technician ADJ
Benjamin Martin Biotechnology Adjunct benjamin.martin@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Agriculture; Master ADJ
Lisa Mathes-Peters Head Coach, Women's Volleyball lisa.mathes-peters@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6126 DSSC 134 Bachelor HDC
Melissa Mauchenheimer Mathematics Adjunct melissa.mauchenheimer@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Cynthia Maune Fitness Center Assistant cynthia.maune@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6584 DSSC 310 Associate; Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor; Master - Recreation SUP
Gary Maune Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District gary.maune@eastcentral.edu Associate - Auto Technology ADJ
Raphael Maurice Learning Center Specialist;English Adjunct - Hrly raphael.maurice@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH Bachelor; Master SUP
Stephanie McCarthy Bio/Chem Lab Asst -ECC Rolla stephanie.mccarthy@eastcentral.edu SUP
Steffani McCrary Interim Director, Advising and Counseling steffani.mccrary@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6569 BH 137 Associate - Bus Administration; Master PRF
Alicia McDaniel Business Management Adjunct alicia.mcdaniel@eastcentral.edu Associate - Business Management; Associate - Marketing; Bachelor - Business; Certificate - Business Management; Certificate - Marketing; Master - Educational Administration ADJ
Laura McDonald Instructor, Nursing/Program Coordinator laura.mcdonald@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6949 RNT 109D Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN FAC
Travis McDowell Chemistry Adjunct travis.mcdowell@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Chemistry; Doctor - Chemistry ADJ
William McKenzie Psychology Adjunct william.mckenzie@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6659 BH 191 Bachelor - Education ADJ
Barbara McNamara Nursing Adjunct - Rolla barbara.mcnamara@eastcentral.edu RNT Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Gregory Mebruer Psychology Adjunct greg.mebruer@eastcentral.edu BH Associate - Psychology; Bachelor - Psychology; Master ADJ
Glenn Mechem History Adjunct glenn.mechem@eastcentral.edu Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Education; Master - Education ADJ
Jay Mehrhoff Assoc. Prof, Fitness/PE/Fitness Center Coord/Athletic Dir jay.mehrhoff@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6585 DSSC 312 Bachelor - Education; Doctor - Sports Management; Master - Education FAC
Timothy Melenbrink Criminal Justice Adjunct timothy.melenbrink@eastcentral.edu CJADJ Bachelor - Bus Administration ADJ
Kalyn Meyer Testing Center Clerk kalyn.meyer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6124 BH 175 Associate - Associate of Arts SUP
Karl Meyer Criminal Justice Adjunct karl.meyer@eastcentral.edu Bachelor ADJ
Barbara Miller Communications/Theatre Adjunct;Foundation Seminar Adjunct barbara.miller@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Communications; Master - Media Communications ADJ
Stanley Miller English Adjunct stanley.miller@eastcentral.edu Bachelor; Master - Education; Master - English ADJ
Kristin Milligan Associate Director, Learning Center;English Adjunct;Foundation Seminar Adjunct kristin.milligan@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6595 BH 191 Bachelor - English; Master - English PRF
Kimberly Minnich-Contarini Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District kimberly.minnich-contarini@eastcentral.edu AC Bachelor - Education; Master - Education ADJ
Nancy Mitchell Dean of Health Sciences;Nursing Adjunct nancy.mitchell@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6619 HS 111 Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - English; Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN PRF
Matthew Monzyk Associate Professor, Chemistry matthew.monzyk@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6625 HS 204 Bachelor - Chemistry; Doctor - Chemistry; Master - Chemistry FAC
Amber Moore Dual Credit Instructor amber.moore@eastcentral.edu Associate ADJ
Annette Moore Director, Financial Services/Comptroller annette.moore@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6704 BH 265 Master - Bus Administration PRF
Linda Moore AEL INSTRUCTOR - SPECIAL CLASS ASSIGNMENT linda.moore@eastcentral.edu ECTC Bachelor - Secondary Education ABE
Kirby Moreland Learning Center Specialist;Mathematics Adjunct kirby.moreland@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4080 RTC Bachelor - Mathematics SUP
Christine Moritz Dual Credit Instructor - Owensville christine.moritz@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Education ADJ
Tracy Mowery Assistant Professor, Biology A/P tracy.mowery@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4085 RTC 143 Bachelor - Biology; Master - Biology FAC
James Myers Psychology Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) james.myers@eastcentral.edu RNT Bachelor - Counseling; Master - Counseling ADJ
Fatemeh Nichols Chemistry Adjunct fatemeh.nichols@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6626 HS 205 Associate - Chemistry; Bachelor - Chemistry; Doctor - Chemistry; Master - Chemistry ADJ
Tommy Nichols History Adjunct tommy.nichols@eastcentral.edu Master - Social Science ADJ
Shawn Noakes Custodian shawn.noakes@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Jon Noelker Learning Center Specialist jon.noelker@eastcentral.edu Master - Biotechnology SUP
Margret Noud Music Adjunct margret.noud@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts; Master - Educational Administration ADJ
Danika Novak English Adjunct danika.novak@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master - English Education ADJ
Tabitha Olson Dual Credit Instructor tabitha.olson@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Math Education; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Vu Ong Instructor, Mathematics vu.ong@eastcentral.edu HH 413 Master - Applied Mathematics FAC
Somer Overshon English Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) somer.overshon@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master - English ADJ
Junette Owen Nursing Adjunct - Rolla junette.owen@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Michael Palazzola Instructor Culinary Arts / Program Coordinator michael.palazzola@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6793 ECTC Associate - Culinary Arts FAC
Mark Palmier Biology Adjunct mark.palmier@eastcentral.edu Doctor - Biochemistry ADJ
Jeffrey Parsons History Adjunct jeff.parsons@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor; Master; Master - Educational Administration ADJ
Jamie Pataky Health Career Programs Instructor jamie.pataky@eastcentral.edu ECTC Certificate CON
Jolene Patterson Adult Education & Literacy Instructor jolene.patterson@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Management ABE
Wendy Pecka Assistant Professor Psychology wendy.pecka@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6658 BH 207 Associate - Psychology; Bachelor - Psychology; Doctor; Master - Psychology FAC
Mary Pelster Mathematics Adjunct mary.pelster@eastcentral.edu Master - Secondary Education ADJ
Michael Pelster Mathematics Adjunct Associate - Business Administration ADJ
Marvin Pennell Chemistry Adjunct;Mathematics Adjunct marvin.pennell@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Education; Master - Ceramic Engineering ADJ
Jacob Penrod Custodian PHPL SUP
Shannon Penrod Box Office Clerk shannon.penrod@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6693 HH 112 SUP
Lesley Peters Academic Advisor - Access Services;Foundation Seminar Adjunct;Psychology Adjunct lesley.peters@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6577 BH 133 Bachelor - Psychology; Master - Education; Master - Human Development PRF
Sharlet Peterson Mathematics Adjunct sharlet.peterson@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Larry Pierce Geology Adjunct larry.pierce@eastcentral.edu BH Bachelor - Geology; Master - Resource Planning ADJ
Alison Plaster Business Management Adjunct alison.plaster@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Elementary Education; Master - Human Resources ADJ
Gerald Poepsel Evening Services Specialist gerald.poepsel@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6699 BH 116 SUP
Dennis Pohlman Assistant Professor, Government/History/Poli Science dennis.pohlman@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6689 BH 220 Bachelor; Master - Political Science FAC
Melissa Popp Purchasing Manager;Foundation Seminar Adjunct melissa.popp@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6703 BH 263 Associate - Music - Fine Arts; Bachelor - Business; Master - Bus Administration PRF
Gary Powers Art Adjunct gary.powers@eastcentral.edu HH Master - Art ADJ
Priyaah Pratt Biology Adjunct priyaah.pratt@eastcentral.edu Master - Biotechnology ADJ
Tot Pratt Director, Facilities & Grounds tot.pratt@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6733 PHPL PRF
Robert Prichard History Adjunct robert.prichard@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - History; Master - Education ADJ
Wayne Prince EMT-P Adjunct wayne.prince@eastcentral.edu Certificate - EMT- Paramedic ADJ
Keith Pulles Instructor, Biology (Union/Rolla) keith.pulles@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6628 HS 207 Master - Biology FAC
Elizabeth Queensen Health Science Adjunct elizabeth.queensen@eastcentral.edu Master - Nutrition & Foods ADJ
Janet Rademacher Biology Adjunct janet.rademacher@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Biotechnology; Master - Biotechnology ADJ
Becky Raterman Nursing Adjunct becky.raterman@eastcentral.edu Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Peggy Reeves Student Services Specialist peggy.reeves@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6576 BH 144 Associate - Social Science SUP
Melissa Richards Coordinator, Apprenticeships & Business Training Program melissa.richards@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5806 BIC 113 Bachelor - Nonprofit Administration PRF
Dana Riegel Research Analyst dana.riegel@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6504 BH 247 Bachelor - Bus Administration PRF
Mitchel Rightnowar Dual Credit Instructor Rolla mitchel.rightnowar@eastcentral.edu Associate - Education ADJ
Jennifer Rivera Geography Adjunct jennifer.rivera@eastcentral.edu Master - Teaching ADJ
Jennifer Roach Sansone Sociology Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) jennifer.sansone@eastcentral.edu Master - Social Work ADJ
Jessica Robart Coordinator, Student Success ECC Rolla;Foundation Seminar Adjunct;Psychology Adjunct (ECC-Rolla);Sociology Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) jessica.robart@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4081 RTC 115 Associate; Bachelor - Anthropology & Archa; Master - Counseling PRF
Shaun Roberson Instructor, Mathematics shaun.roberson@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6683 HH 407 Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics FAC
Gina Roberts Custodian gina.roberts@eastcentral.edu PHPL Gro SUP
Elizabeth Rosebrough English Adjunct elizabeth.rosebrough@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - English; Master - English ADJ
Laura Roselli Insall Assistant Professor, Math laura.roselli@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4088 RTC 115 Bachelor - Economics; Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics FAC
Terri Rowden Dual Credit Instructor - Bourbon High School terri.rowden@eastcentral.edu Associate - Business Management ADJ
Pamela Ruwe-Kaiser Coordinator, Cwd Programming pamela.ruwe-kaiser@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6915 BIC Bachelor - Agriculture; Master PRF
Benjamin Sachs Music Adjunct benjamin.sachs@eastcentral.edu Master - Music - Fine Arts ADJ
Clinton Sarchette Maintenance Technician clinton.sarchette@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6735 PHPL SUP
Nanette Sayles Professor, Health Information Management nanette.sayles@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor; Doctor; Master - Health Information Management; Master - Public Adminis FAC
Maximilian Schaefer Testing Services Specialist maximilian.schaefer@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4076 RTC 114 Associate - Pre-Engineering SUP
Melissa Schall Willmore Project Coordinator, Skillup Program melissa.willmore@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6530 BH 260 Bachelor - Philosophy; Master - Philosophy PRF
Keith Schatzler Custodian keith.schatzler@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6734 PHPL SUP
Thomas Schickler Custodial Supervisor thomas.schickler@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6734 PHPL PRF
Audrey Schlote Testing Center Clerk audrey.schlote@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6124 BH 175 SUP
Clarence Schoonover Instructional Program Assistant, Industrial Engineering clarence.schoonover@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5803 BIC Associate - Industrial Engineering Tech SUP
Juanita Schuler Art Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) juanita.schuler@eastcentral.edu ADJ Bachelor; Master - Communications ADJ
Anna Schwein Instructor, CIS (MoSTEM Grant) anna.schwein@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6662 HH 310 Bachelor - Bus Administration; Master FAC
Sarah Scroggins Registrar;Foundation Seminar Adjunct sarah.scroggins@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6553 BH 129 Bachelor - Elementary Education; Master - Education PRF
Cory Sellers Art Adjunct cory.sellers@eastcentral.edu Master - Fine Arts ADJ
Sylvia Sellers Performing Arts Center Manager sylvia.sellers@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6720 HH 114 Bachelor - Theatre PRF
Sarah Serbus Dual Credit Instructor - Theatre sarah.serbus@eastcentral.edu Associate - Theatre ADJ
Timothy Sexton Instructor, Music/Choral Director timothy.sexton@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6698 HH 115 Bachelor - Music - Fine Arts; Doctor - Music - Fine Arts; Master - Music - Fine Arts FAC
Donald Sharpsteen Psychology Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) don.sharpsteen@eastcentral.edu RNT Doctor - Psychology; Master - Psychology ADJ
Edward Shelton Executive Director, Workforce Development edward.shelton@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5807 BIC 114 Doctor - Organization & Management PRF
Suzanne Shelton Adult Education and Literacy Instructor suzanne.shelton@eastcentral.edu ABE
Kristie Shepard Facilities & Grounds Technician kristie.shepard@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Bijaya Shrestha Physics Adjunct bijaya.shrestha@eastcentral.edu HS Doctor - Nuclear Engineering; Master - Nuclear Physics ADJ
Angela Siebert Foundation Specialist angela.siebert@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6506 BH 243 SUP
Debra Simily Food Service Manager debra.simily@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6719 DSSC CAF PRF
Amy Sisk Student Services Specialist - Advising & Counseling amy.sisk@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6567 BH 153 Associate - Adminis Assistant SUP
Susan Skyles Education Adjunct amy.skyles@eastcentral.edu Bachelor; Master - Education ADJ
Heather Sluis Nursing Adjunct heather.sluis@eastcentral.edu Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN ADJ
James Small Physical Science Adjunct james.small@eastcentral.edu HS Bachelor - Science Education ADJ
Dennis Smith Mathematics Adjunct dennis.smith@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Mathematics ADJ
Michelle Smith Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness;Foundation Seminar Adjunct michelle.smith@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6676 BH 205 Bachelor - Elementary Education; Doctor - Educational Leadership; Master - Elementary Education PRF
Matthew Sokeland Music Adjunct matthew.sokeland@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6923 HH Bachelor; Master - Jazz Studies ADJ
Windy Souders Coordinator, Testing Services;English Adjunct;Foundation Seminar Adjunct windy.souders@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6550 BH Associate - Education; Bachelor - English; Master PRF
Mary Speichinger Dual Credit Instructor kathleen.speichinger@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Lauran Spier Learning Center Specialist lauran.spier@eastcentral.edu Associate - Associate of Arts; Associate - Education SUP
Rheann Spier Learning Center Specialist rheann.spier@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH 175 SUP
Lydia Stack Physics Adjunct lydia.stack@eastcentral.edu Master - Science Education ADJ
Edward Stahl History Adjunct edward.stahl@eastcentral.edu Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Education; Master - History ADJ
Deborah Starkey English Adjunct deborah.starkey@eastcentral.edu RNT Bachelor - Communications ADJ
David Steffens Technical Support Technician david.steffens@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6599 HH 314 Associate; Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer SUP
Jerry Stone HVAC Adjunct jerry.stone@eastcentral.edu BIC ADJ
Christopher Storer Biology Adjunct christopher.storer@eastcentral.edu Master - Anatomy ADJ
Gregory Stotler Instructor, Education/Teacher Education Coordinator gregory.stotler@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6612 HH 257 Bachelor - Social Studies; Master - Library Science; Specialist - Educational Technology FAC
Gregory Stratman English Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) gregory.stratman@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Doctor - English; Master - English ADJ
Joshua Stroup Instructor, English/Department Chair joshua.stroup@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6646 HH 238 Bachelor - English; Master - English FAC
Megen Strubberg Director, Early College Programs megen.strubberg@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6723 BH 126 Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Bachelor - Media Communications; Master - Adult & Higher Education PRF
Amanda Studdard Multimedia Specialist amanda.studdard@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6508 BH 245 Associate - Fine Arts; Bachelor - Visual Communications SUP
John Stverak Custodian john.stverak@eastcentral.edu PHPL SUP
Annette Swafford-Green Art Adjunct annette.green@eastcentral.edu HH Associate - Gen Studies-Transfer; Associate - Nursing; Master; Master - Art ADJ
Brad Taber Technical Support Technician - ECC Rolla brad.taber@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4090 RTC 119 SUP
Nancy Tappe Nursing Adjunct - Rolla nancy.tappe@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Cheryl Temme Learning Center Clerk cheryl.temme@eastcentral.edu BH LIB SUP
Faron Thebeau Adult Education & Literacy Instructor ABE
Alison Tucker Retention Coordinator - Interim alison.tucker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6660 BH 189 Bachelor - Civil Engineering SUP
Audrey Vail Nursing Adjunct - Rolla audrey.vail@eastcentral.edu 573-202-6948 RNT 109A Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Masters of Nursing/RN ADJ
Jessica Van Leer Instructor, Nursing jessica.vanleer@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6515 HS 113 Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN FAC
Adisa Velic Instructor Medical Assisting adisa.velic@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6922 HS 117 Certificate - Certified Clinical Med Asst. FAC
Margaret Vogel Education Adjunct margaret.vogel@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Matthew Vogeler History Adjunct matthew.vogeler@eastcentral.edu Doctor - History; Master - History ADJ
Denise Walker Learning Center Specialist denise.walker@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6606 BH 175 Associate - Health Science SUP
Brad Wallach Head Coach, Women's Softball brad.wallach@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6749 DSSC 006 Bachelor - English; Master - Secondary Education HDC
Robyn Walter Vice President, Academic Affairs;Nursing Adjunct robyn.walter@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6601 BH 252 Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing ADM
Charles Warmack Technical Support Technician charles.warmack@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6726 HH 314 Associate - Computer Information System SUP
Terri Warmack Coordinator, Health Careers Workforce;Nursing Adjunct terri.warmack@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6531 ECTC 105 Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing PRF
Amber Warner Adult Education and Literacy Instructor amber.warner@eastcentral.edu ECTC ABE
Adam Watkins Assistant Professor, Art/Department Chair adam.watkins@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6652 HH 239 Bachelor - Art; Master - Art FAC
Brian Watson HVAC Adjunct brian.watson@eastcentral.edu 636-649-5803 BIC Associate - Air Conditioning ADJ
Patsy Watts Instructor, English (ECC-Rolla) patsy.watts@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4089 RTC 102A Bachelor; Doctor - English; Master - English; Specialist FAC
Mary Weland Adult Education and Literacy Instructor mary.weland@eastcentral.edu ABE
Tracie Welsh Coordinator, Academic Services;Foundation Seminar Adjunct tracie.welsh@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6608 BH 256 Bachelor - Criminal Justice; Certificate - Criminal Justice; Multiple - Gen Studies-Transfer PRF
Diane Werges Reading Adjunct diane.werges@eastcentral.edu BH Bachelor - Education; Master - Teaching ADJ
Deborah Westhoff Mathematics Adjunct deborah.westhoff@eastcentral.edu HH Bachelor - Mathematics; Master - Education ADJ
Alice Whalen Director, Adult & Education Literacy alice.whalen@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6532 ECTC 106 Certificate - Bus Marketing & Mgt; Master - Bus Administration PRF
Vanessa Whittle History Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) vanessa.lambeth@eastcentral.edu Associate - General Studies; Bachelor - History; Master - History ADJ
Kathryn Whyte Adult Education and Literacy Instructor kathryn.whyte@eastcentral.edu ECTC Bachelor - Computer Science ABE
Sarah Wildt Sociology Adjunct sarah.wildt@eastcentral.edu Master - Social Work ADJ
Kenneth Willardson Mathematics Adjunct kenneth.willardson@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - Mathematics; Master ADJ
Elizabeth Williams Adult Education and Literacy Instructor elizabeth.williams@eastcentral.edu ECTC Bachelor ABE
Lynette Williams Adult Education & Literacy Instructor lynette.williams@eastcentral.edu Associate; Bachelor ABE
Jennifer Willis Science Labatory Manager;Freshman Studies Adjunct jennifer.chitwood@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6633 HS 229 Associate - Biotechnology; Bachelor - Education; Master - Education SUP
Kaitlyn Willy English Adjunct (ECC-Rolla) kaitlyn.willy@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Elizabeth Winters-Rozema Instructor, Biology (ECC-Rolla) elizabeth.rozema@eastcentral.edu 573-466-4084 RTC 115 Bachelor - Biotechnology; Doctor - Biotechnology FAC
Connie Wissbaum Instructor, Nursing connie.wissbaum@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6618 HS 109 Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing; Master - Nursing/RN FAC
Gail Witt Instructional Program Assistant, Culinary Arts gail.witt@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6687 ECTC 121 Associate - Culinary Arts; Certificate - Culinary Arts SUP
Kelly Wood Communications/Theatre Adjunct kelly.wood@eastcentral.edu Bachelor - English; Master - Communications ADJ
John Woodfin Theatre Adjunct - Rolla john.woodfin@eastcentral.edu Master - Theatre ADJ
Kathleen Wright Learning Center Specialist;Mathematics Adjunct kathleen.wright@eastcentral.edu 636-584-6688 BH 175 SUP
Brittany Yoakum Nursing Adjunct brittany.yoakum@eastcentral.edu HS Associate - Nursing; Bachelor - Nursing/RN ADJ
Robert York Dual Credit Instructor- Washington School District robert.york@eastcentral.edu ADJ
Regina Zervos Communications Adjunct regina.zervos@eastcentral.edu Master - Communications ADJ