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All about Depression

Suicide Prevention

Handbook for Survivors of Suicide

General Info on Mental Health

Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Veterans Info

Study Skills Video

School/Work Balance

Relaxation/Meditation Resources – The Meditation Podcast

Learning Meditation
Offers 15 different guided audio meditations ranging from 3-10 minutes.

Wild Mind
Offers a written guide to beginning mindfulness and relaxation.  Instructions are offered for 4 types of relaxation.
Simple Breathing Meditation
Walking Meditation-How to bring meditation in the middle of your busy life.
Mantra Meditation – Repeating a phrase to calm the mind.
Loving Kindess Meditation-learning how to be kinder, patient, and understanding with yourself and others.

Fragrant Heart
Sire with centers on the idea that meditation can help quiet the mind so you can better hear your own heart.  Free audio meditations as well as articles about stress, emotions, etc.

Relaxation Audio links:
Maryville University has an excellent site with meditations and links to other meditations via You Tube


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101 stress tips

Deep Relaxation

How to Get Your Professor to Give You an A

Signs That your Friend May Need Help

Stress Tips

Test Anxiety and Stress

Test-Taking Tips