Why Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment?

Dual Credit refers to a college level course delivered to high school students who earn both college and high school credit simultaneously. A student completing multiple Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment classes while in high school completes their college degree sooner. Saving time and money!

What is the cost of each course?

One 3 credit hour class will cost $153.00. ($51.00 per credit hour). The tuition cost is half of ECC’s current in-district tuition rate. The cost of books for each class varies; from $40 to $120.

My son/daughter failed a high school class. What summer courses do you have available?

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment is not designed for repairing high school transcripts. Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment is designed to give high school students a jump start on college. Most students take college-level courses numbered 100 and above, but it is possible for students (16 years of age and older) to take developmental courses numbered below 100. Developmental courses are not transferable and do not earn college-level credit. Check with your high school counselor.