The New Leaf

The Learning Center’s newsletter, The New Leaf, is published once a semester by the tutoring staff of The Learning Center.

The New Leaf Summer 2020

  • How to Thrive in Online Classes
  • Dealing with Email Overload
  • Acing Essays

The New Leaf Fall 2020 Midterms

  • Find my Major
  • Conquer Math Anxiety
  • Beat Writers Block
  • Dealing with Stress

The New Leaf Fall 2019 Midterms

  • “Good. Better. Bested.”
  • Our NEW Webpage
  • Walk-in Workshops
  • Memorization Tips

The New Leaf Spring 2019 Finals

  • What to Do This Summer
  • Tips for Finishing the Finals Marathon
  • Farewell to Our Student Tutors

The New Leaf Fall 2018 Finals

  • Juggling Multiple Finals
  • Finals Review Sessions
  • Tree Decorating Contest Information

The New Leaf Spring 2018 Finals

  • Surviving Finals Week
  • Student satisfaction survey
  • Be in the Know: News from the Testing Center

The New Leaf Fall 2017 Finals

  • Survive finals (and winter weather)
  • Tips for planning the spring semester

 The New Leaf Fall 2017 Midterms

  • Ace Your Semester with TLC Workshops
  • Testing Center Expansion
  • Meet Justin, our new Testing Center Assistant

The New Leaf Spring 2017

  • Party Like It’s Finals
  • TLC Scholarship Winner Announced
  • New Resources in The Learning Center

The New Leaf Fall 2016 Finals

  • Exciting Finals Activities
  • Tips for Using the Testing Center
  • Profiles of New and Returning Staff

The New Leaf Spring 2016 Midterms

  • Better Writing with One Click
  • Tips for Distance Learning
  • Bake Sale Exceeds Expectations

The New Leaf Spring 2015 Midterms

  • New Name, New Direction
  • Prepare for Tutoring and Maximize Your Session

The New Leaf Spring 2015 Finals

  • Rest and Eat Your Way to Success
  • How a Bridge Class Saves You Time and Money
  • The Learning Center Receives New Certifications