Online Learning Consortium Resources

Online Learning Consortium

ECC is a member of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). After creating your account (please see below), you can access a wide range of free webinars covering a diverse array of educational topics and areas. Additional discounts are available with OLC membership for paid webinars and workshops. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding OLC content.

Accessing OLC Resources-Creating Your Account

Go to and Log In Click on “Create an Account” (see the image below for where to find “Create Account”)

·  Enter your email address — please use your work address so that your account will connect to your organization and its membership

·  Complete the profile form

·  Set your password – you may be asked to reset your password

·  Select your account to update your profile.

·  Once logged in, the system will now recognize you as a member and you can use your OLC Institutional member benefits.

Free OLC Webinar Listing

You can view and search OLC’s repository of free webinars by clicking here.