1.13 Vacancy on the Board of Trustees

Any vacancy shall be filled by an act of the Board.

In the case of a vacancy occurring in the membership of the Board of Trustees from any cause, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to certify such fact to the Board and to each remaining member thereof.

After such certification, the Trustees at a regular or special meeting shall nominate and appoint a successor Trustee to serve until the next election held by or for the district when a Trustee shall be elected for the unexpired term.

Upon appointment by the Board, the Secretary shall issue a certificate of appointment to the newly appointed Trustee.

When a person becomes a member of the Board of Trustees by appointment, the new member shall be seated at the next regular meeting after said appointment and after having taken the prescribed oath of office.

(Adopted 12-3-1968; Revised 2-4-2002)