Emergency Notification

East Central College now has an emergency text messaging, phone and email notification
system. Called ECC Alert, the system is capable of sending text messages instantly
and simultaneously to students and employees who register their mobile phones, Blackberry’s,
wireless PDAs, Smart or Satellite phones, landlines and/or preferred email addresses.

These notifications will apply to weather cancellations, delays, and emergency conditions.
To receive emergency alerts and updates from anywhere, sign up now.

Why should you opt-in to the emergency alert system?

  • You’ll receive emergency news and updates regardless of where you are – on or off
  • The system is used ONLY for true emergencies (weather related cancellations, natural
    disaster; human or technological crisis) and once a semester for a system test.
  • There is no charge for service except whatever your mobile carrier charges for the
    incoming call or text message.
  • Your contact information is kept secure and confidential and will
    NEVER be used to SPAM you.

To sign up for the East Central College Emergency Notification system, please complete
the form below.

If you need to update your Emergency Notification account settings, you may log in

Learn more here:
ECC Alert – FAQ’s

ECC Closing & Cancellations Procedure