ECC Alert Procedures

Road and weather conditions throughout the broad geographic region served by the college vary. Students and employees should use common sense in making a decision to travel to the location of their classes. If the college is open, students are responsible for work missed in their classes and should use the contact information provided in the course syllabi to advise faculty of their absence.

Note: The cancellation of day classes (i.e. any class that starts before 5 p.m.) does not automatically mean that night classes/activities are also cancelled.

A separate decision will be made at approximately 3 p.m. regarding whether evening classes and events (beginning at or after 5 p.m.) will be held.

In some instances, evening classes may be cancelled although day classes were held, or evening classes may be held even though day classes were cancelled.

Closing Announcements

Announcements will be made via the following outlets:

  • ECC Alert
  • Radio stations
  • Television stations
  • ECC website
  • ECC social media sites
  • College emergency phone line: 1-800-976-0071

Early Dismissal

If the College closes early, classes in session will conclude at the closing time regardless of when they begin (i.e., if ECC is closing at 4 p.m., a class that starts at 3:30 p.m. will end at 4 p.m. regardless of the regularly scheduled ending time).

If ECC has an early dismissal during the day, night classes will not be held.

Night Classes/Evening Events

Decisions regarding the cancellation of night classes when weather conditions deteriorate during the day will be made as early as possible (typically no later than 3 p.m.).

Please Note That There are Two Separate Designations:

  • East Central College (which would apply to classes in Union)
  • East Central College-Rolla (classes held at Rolla Main at the Rolla Technical Center and the Rolla North facility).

KSDK, Fidelity Cable, KTUI and KMOX will carry announcements for both ECC and ECC-Rolla.     

For UNION location: Information regarding cancellations or snow schedules will be aired over the following stations and will be listed as East Central College:

TV Stations Channel Radio   Stations Dial #
KTVI – St.   Louis 2 – Fox KLPW – Union 1220 AM
KMOV – St.   Louis 4 – CBS KTUI –   Sullivan* 1560   AM/102.1 FM
KSDK – St.   Louis* 5 – NBC KMOX – St.   Louis* 1120 AM
Fidelity   Cable* 6 & 95 KWRE/KFAV –   Warrenton 730 AM/99.9   FM

—— —– —— ———– —– —— ———– —– —— ———– —– —— —–

ROLLA CLASSES: Information regarding cancellations or snow schedule at ECC locations in Rolla will be aired over the following stations and will be listed as East Central College-Rolla.   

TV Stations Channel Radio   Stations Dial #
KOLR-Springfield 10 – CBS KZNN – Rolla 105.3 FM
KYTV –   Springfield 3 – NBC KTTR –   Rolla/St. James 1490 AM/99.7   FM
KSFX –   Springfield 27 – Fox KKID –   Rolla/Salem 92.9 FM
KSPR –   Springfield 33 – ABC KFLW – St.   Roberts 98.9 FM
KSDK – St.   Louis* 5 – NBC KTUI –   Sullivan* 1560 AM/102.1 FM
Fidelity   Cable* 6 & 95 KMOX – St.   Louis* 1120 AM

*Indicates stations that air information for all ECC locations.

ECC Alert will be used during the following circumstances:

  • Severe weather. A closing or late start due to snow/ice, flooding or a threat from a tornado requiring those to take shelter.
  • Major facility emergencies or evacuations, such as fire.
  • Safety threats in which an armed or dangerous person is at large on or near an ECC campus or location.

ECC Alert is a free service (except for charges from your mobile carrier) and is available to ECC students, employees and other interested parties.