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The ECC Insiders podcast is hosted by Joel Doepker, Vice President of External Relations, and Leigh Kolb, Associate Professor of English and Journalism.

ECC Insiders will take a deeper look at the topics, programs, and departments at East Central College, and how each of them effects the east central Missouri region. Many of the topics will apply to listeners outside the region, to provide a better and deeper understanding about the positive impact and challenges facing community colleges.

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Latest Episode

Proposition ECC

Dr. Jon Bauer, president of East Central College, joins Leigh and Joel to discuss "Proposition ECC."

The proposition will be on the April 2, 2024 ballot, asking voters in the College taxing district to approve a NO-COST increase to the ECC tax levy.

Dr. Bauer details how the debt service levy transfer to the operating levy will positively impact the ECC Union campus by modernizing the campus buildings and enhancing safety and security measures.

More information about the levy transfer is available at: Proposition ECC: What is it? - East Central College

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35m | Mar 4, 2024

Previous Episodes

Completing a College Degree in High School: Early College Programs

Joel Doepker and Leigh Kolb discuss the early college programs at East Central College that include the Early College Academy (ECA). ECA students start attending ECC courses on the ECC campus in their junior year and after two years have the opportunity to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree while at the same timeframe also completing a high school diploma from their high school.  

Approximately 60 students from 6 area high schools are enrolled yearly in the Early College Academy program.

Details of the programs are provided by Megen Strubberg, ECC Director of Early College and Admissions and two students, Amber Glastetter, Washington, Mo high school and Mary Daily, Sullivan, Mo high school.

For more information about early college programs visit Early College Programs - Early College Programs - East Central College

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45m | Mar 1, 2024
Founded in 1968: Decades of Change and Positive Impact

Joel Doepker and Leigh Kolb discuss the history of East Central College with two people who have a long history with the College.

Ina "Cookie" Hays is the only person to be a graduate, support staff member, professional staff member, administrator, and trustee at East Central College. Current ECC president Dr. Jon Bauer started at ECC in 1995 and became president in 2012.

Find out more about the history of East Central College at

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36m | Feb 16, 2024
ECC Insiders Trailer

Joel Doepker, Vice President of External Relations and Leigh Kolb, Associate Professor of English will discuss all things East Central College (MO). Higher education trends and topics that effect the east central Missouri region and the nation.

5m | Feb 6, 2024