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Number of Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients
ECC Scholarships were awarded to 231 recipients in 2019, the most single year recipients in East Central history.
Radiologic Technology Licensure Pass Rate

Radiologic Technology Licensure Pass Rate
Radiologic Technology students at ECC had a 100% professional licensure pass rate in 2020.
Occupational Therapy Assistant Licensure Pass Rate

Occupational Therapy Assistant Licensure Pass Rate
Occupational Therapy Assistant students at ECC had a 100% professional licensure pass rate in 2020.
Amount of Scholarship Money Rewarded
$2.4 Million

in Scholarships
Since 2002, ECC Foundation has awarded just under $2.4 million in scholarships.
Augast Haddad
Hometown – Vienna, MO
Journalism and Communications
Megen Strubberg
Hometown – Washington, MO
Director, Early College & Admissions
Claude Wyatt
Hometown – New Madrid, MO
Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
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Upcoming Events

Jennifer Printz
Jan 24-Feb 14

Art Gallery, Hansen Hall 121

This series materializes air, expanding and contracting it in space while clouds defy gravity. As the sky spills across the wall or onto the floor, one moment is stitched to another, emphasizing the collection of days that make up a life and the ongoing process of time. “This work is also an homage to my past, the time I spent as a child learning to sew with my great-aunt, and the many hours spent at my grandmother’s Singer.”

Tuesday, January 24 – Tuesday, February 14
All Day

Sunday, January 29, 2023


ECC Theatre

Sunday, January 29
2:30 pm

February 3 • 7:30 p.m.


Early Music Missouri presents a program of sacred and devotional music from Venice’s San Marco Cathedral. The concert features music composed by Claudio Monteverdi for his virtuoso choir at Venice’s famed church and includes works from one of his last publications, Selva morale e spirituale.

Friday, February 3
7:30 pm

February 8 • 6 p.m. • Theatre

The Film and Lecture Series brings acclaimed documentaries and narrative films, scholars, authors, journalists, and poets to campus throughout the year. The series is designed to enhance essential components of education by providing audiences with avenues for exercising critical thought, appreciating various forms of artistic expression, and deepening cultural understanding.


Wednesday, February 8
6:00 pm

Friday, February 17, 2023

4 p.m. in HH105

Friday, February 17
4:00 pm

Artist: Amy Abshier

Exhibition dates: Feb 22-March 23

Art Gallery, Hansen Hall 121

Unreliable Narratives

The artist may be the author and storyteller, but interpretation is ultimately up to the viewer. The thoughts, feelings, reactions, or revelations that occur when we experience art as a viewer may not resemble anything the artist as the creator had in mind or intended to convey.

A narrative starts as only one side of a story and coming from one person is inherently unreliable; it’s the many interpretations by every viewer that expand the story and give it a richer, fuller life.

These portraits are not intended to be a straightforward representation of anyone, and indeed are not based on any specific people. For me they illustrate a singular moment, a passing glance, a cursory scan; there’s just enough there to set a story in motion.

 I hope you enjoy, or at least are intrigued by my work, and I hope you find something in these paintings that speaks to you.

Wednesday, February 22 – Thursday, March 23
All Day