Family & Supporters

We want to help your student succeed, and we know how important your involvement and support are to that success!

Expectations and Policies

You care about your student’s performance. We understand and want to give you access to that information. However, no matter the student’s age, educational rights transfer to the student upon enrollment in college coursework. If your student would like to give you access, the form to do that is called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release. Students can sign the FERPA Privacy Waiver in the presence of an ECC Staff Member or get it notarized. More information can be found on the FERPA page.

Early College Academy, dual credit and dual enrollment students are also considered college students. Therefore, those students are expected to perform at the college level in courses and are responsible for their own education.

The expectations for these classes include regular attendance and active class participation, meeting class objectives and deadlines, seeking academic help, responding to email and addressing any concerns directly with their course instructors.

Tuition, Textbooks, and Payment

Students incur tuition and fees based on their student classification and/or address of record. Further information can be found on the Tuition and Fees page. Discounts do apply to students that are part of the Early College Academy, dual credit, and dual enrollment programs. Please reach out to the Early College & Admissions Office for specific information.

Textbook information can be found through the ECC Bookstore or in the course syllabus.

Payment for all courses are due by deadlines communicated by Financial Services and/or the Early College & Admissions Office. Failure to secure payment arrangements will result in students being dropped from courses.