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Congratulations on taking the first step towards your educational goals! Here is some important information to help you understand our program goals and potential outcomes.

The AEL program is free to everyone.  We have several class locations to serve you with both morning and evening classes. We offer high school equivalency preparation, English language classes, basic computer training, literacy tutoring, and life-skills instruction. If you are taking the HISET test, there is a cost associated with the test. We do not administer the test; we only prepare you to take the test. Our classes are free of charge to Missouri residents.

Students must be 16 years of age or older. Students under age 17 must submit proof of completing 16 credit hours in high school or home school. Parents of 16- and 17-year-old students are required to attest students are no longer enrolled in school and have permission to attend Adult Education classes.*

High School Completion

Many people who did not finish high school have knowledge and skills comparable to people who did graduate. Most employers, colleges and universities, and the military accept an HSE (High School Equivalency) certificate as being equivalent to a high school diploma. For specific HSE testing information, please click here.

Because every student has different needs it is impossible to give a timeline of when one will finish the class. The amount of time and effort put into the program and the starting skill levels determine when an individual is ready to take the HiSET test. To make significant gains toward getting a high school equivalency diploma, it is important to attend every class session.

English Language Classes

The English Language Acquisition classes provide students with a working knowledge of English in preparation for citizenship tests, the workplace, additional education, and daily living. Classes are conducted in a small classroom style to allow students the chance to receive individual attention from their instructor and tutors. Students studying English will also participate in cultural and social activities in the community. Students take the class with a range of experience.  Some students need help preparing to enter college. Others are looking to improve their English for travel, and for social or employment purposes. The classes are free, but F1 student visa holders are not eligible. See our list of class locations and orientation dates here:

College Placement, Career, and Military exams

If you already have your high school diploma but want to score better on the ASVAB, college entrance exams, or job-related testing such as WorkKeys (NCRC), the AEL program can assess your knowledge and help you focus on those specific skills and learn the concepts needed to score higher on any academic test.

Orientation Requirements

All classes require an orientation during which class requirements will be discussed and testing assessments will be completed. The orientation schedule is available here:

Orientation registration – send an email to or fill out the form:

*Effective August 28, 2009, Missouri law requires that 16-year-olds seeking admission to an AEL class verify completion of 16 units of high school credit. An official transcript indicating completion of 16 units of high school credit must be furnished at enrollment.

To register, email or call (636) 584-6533 or
(844) ECC-4AEL (844-322-4235)