1.15 Board Meetings Policy

Board meeting procedures and schedules shall be established by the Board.


1.15.1 Regular Meetings

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees is held on the first Monday of each calendar month at a time to be established unless such day occurs on a legal holiday or the Board selects an alternative date for the meeting.

All Board meetings shall be held at a place of sufficient size to accommodate the anticipated members of the public and at a time that is reasonably convenient. In addition, reasonable efforts shall be made to make the meeting accessible to individuals with disabilities. If any of these statutory requirements are not met, the nature of the cause for noncompliance for the meeting will be stated in the Board minutes.

Recording open meetings by audiotape, videotape or other electronic means is allowed by law. However, the Board will establish guidelines regarding the manner in which such recordings are conducted to minimize disruption to the meeting. Recording a closed meeting is prohibited unless permission has been granted by the Board.


1.15.2 Meetings to be Public

All regular meetings of the Board shall be open to the public unless closed as authorized by law.


1.15.3 Representatives of the Employee Associations

The Board of Trustees will officially recognize a member of each employee association selected by these bodies as their representatives. These representatives will receive notices of the Board meetings and agendas and will be invited to attend the Board meetings.


1.15.4 Notification of Meetings

It is the policy of the College to inform the public of Board of Trustee meetings in accordance with the law. The Recording Secretary has the responsibility to post notice of Board meetings.

A. All Meetings

In addition to the criteria listed below, notice of all Board meetings (regular, special and closed) shall be given at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting, exclusive of weekends and holidays when the College is closed, unless for good cause such notice is impossible or impractical, in which case as much notice is reasonably possible shall be given. The nature of the good cause must be stated in the minutes.

The notice shall be posted on a bulletin board or other easily accessible public place clearly designated for that purpose in Buescher Hall.

All interested news media organizations will be notified of all meetings of the Board of Trustees.

B. Open Meetings

Public notice of an open meeting will include the time, date, place and tentative agenda advising the public of the matters to be considered.

C. Closed Meetings

Public notice of a closed meeting will include the time, date, and place of the meeting and the specific statutory exemption under which the meeting is closed.

(Adopted 12-3-1968; Revised 2-4-2002)