3.4 Residency Status Policy

Student residency status will be determined at the time of enrollment at East Central College. Student residency guidelines followed by the College will be those adopted by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education. In the case of international students or resident aliens, residency will be determined based upon both federal determination of status and state guidelines. A copy of such guidelines may be found in the Office of the Registrar.

Procedures: (Revised 8-17-2007)

If the student disagrees with the College’s assessment of his or her resident/non-resident status, the following procedure should be followed to appeal the decision:

A. Informal Appeal (Revised 3-20-2015)
Meet informally with the Student Service Center Coordinator to discuss the residency status and reasons why the student should be considered an in-district student. The Coordinator will render an informal decision based upon the information provided in this discussion.


B. First Level of Formal Appeal
If the informal decision determines that the student is not an in-district resident and if the student wishes to appeal this decision further, then the next level of appeal may be implemented. The student is obligated to submit the appeal in writing to the Chief Student Affairs Officer, accompanied by written documentation of those criteria which the student meets for in-district residency as set forth in the Student Residency Requirements published by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The Chief Student Affairs Officer will review and verify the information provided and render a decision within three working days of receipt of the written appeal.


C. Second Level of Formal Appeal
The final level of appeal requires the student to submit an appeal in writing to the Office of the President of the College. The Chief Student Affairs Officer will forward to the President the documentation previously provided by the student at the first level of formal appeal. The President will deliver a decision within five (5) working days of receipt of the written appeal.

(Revised 10-7-1985; Revised 6-23-2003)