4.23 Bookstore Policy

East Central College will operate a College Bookstore for the benefit of the students, faculty, and staff of the College. The bookstore will operate without subsidy from the general College operation. Students, faculty, and staff will follow procedures outlined regarding utilization of the East Central College Bookstore.

Procedures: (Revised 8-25-2008)

4.23.1 Office supplies for College use are available in the bookstore. Supplies may be purchased by departmental charge. The bookstore shall prepare a monthly report on detailed purchases by division or department. A requisition with proper authorization must accompany any order over $100 (books or supplies).

4.23.2 Book return periods will be set and publicized by the bookstore and will be those of most service to students.

4.23.3 Copyright laws and procedures will apply to all materials.

(Revised 12-2-2002)