4.28 Facilities Use Policy

As a service to the community, East Central College allows community members to utilize College facilities, campus and resources if such use does not conflict with the College’s operations and educational mission. East Central College students, employees and alumni will receive priority with regard to the use of College facilities and resources. Community members may apply for use of College facilities and resources as described in this Policy, and, when applicable, consistent with the College’s Expressive Activities policy (BP4.43) for use of outdoor spaces. All College facilities and grounds are tobacco free.

Procedures: (Revised 4-6-2006)

4.28.1 Granting of Use (Revised 5-9-2016)

The President, or designee, is authorized and empowered to grant the use of College facilities or resources provided such use is congruent with the educational mission of the College, temporary in nature and does not interfere with, negatively affect or disrupt the operations of the College. Use of College property or facilities may be granted only for uses allowed by law or state regulations. Uses of other than a temporary nature must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Individuals wishing to engage in Expressive Activities, as defined in Policy 4.43, in the College’s outdoor spaces may do so without first seeking the permission of the College. Such use of outdoor spaces is governed by Policy 4.43 Expressive Activities.


4.28.2 Library Use

Residents of the East Central College district who are 18 years of age and older may sign up for community member library privileges. In addition, some high school districts have formal agreements allowing their students to utilize the College library.


4.28.3 Computer Resources (Revised 5-9-2016)

Community residents using College computer resources are subject to all applicable policies and procedures related to the acceptable use of these resources. All community users must abide by the posted hours and rules of operation in any open computer lab.


4.28.4 Priority of Use

In order to assure appropriate scheduling among groups permitted to use College facilities, the following priorities will serve as guidelines.

a. College scheduled courses, programs, and activities
b. College-related activities, recognized College-sponsored organizations and those public or private agencies whose purpose(s) relate to the advancement of community college programs and/or sponsored activities
c. Other non-profit organizations or groups
d. For-profit groups


4.28.5 Liability (Revised 5-9-2016)

East Central College will hold groups using facilities responsible for any and all damages sustained during, or as a result of, an event.

Liability insurance will be required for use of College facilities. A certificate of insurance shall declare East Central College to be held harmless in the event of bodily injury or property damage and must show ECC as an additional insured to the renter’s general liability policy. The College may waive the insurance requirement for one-time meeting requests using a single room. ECC will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property or personal injury resulting from use of College facilities or grounds by outside organizations.

In the interest of the personal safety of all individuals, all reservations for College facilities are approved on the assumption that the facility will be used for the purpose intended, as normally equipped, and in compliance with all College regulations and all applicable laws.


4.28.6 Scheduling (Revised 5-9-2016)

A Request for Use of Facilities form is available on the College website by clicking the Calendar link and then clicking “Submit Event.” Fee schedules and procedures for use may be obtained from the Facilities and Grounds office. Use of campus grounds for expressive activities is governed by Policy 4.43; all other use of campus grounds will require submission of a Request for Use of Facilities and the current fee schedule will apply.

Requests for facility use must be submitted no later than two weeks in advance of the event/activity and will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Applications will be granted or denied within three (3) business days of their submission to allow the College to coordinate multiple uses of limited space; to assure preservation of facilities; to prevent uses that are dangerous, unlawful or impermissible; and to assure financial accountability for any potential damage caused during any facility use. Fees to be charged for the use of College property or facilities will be based on the latest fee schedule.

The Facilities and Grounds office shall coordinate the need for equipment, maintenance services, etc. with the departments responsible for those items or services.


4.28.7 Food Services (Revised 5-9-2016)

Food services are provided on the East Central College campus. While College groups and organizations are given first preference in scheduling food service, external users may also schedule food service. A request must be filed with the Facilities and Grounds office at least ten (10) days prior to the date for the external activity.


4.28.8 College Gymnasium (Revised 5-9-2016)

a. General – The use of the gymnasium should be supervised at all times by those responsible for the event.

b. Priorities – The following priorities for scheduling will be followed:

(1) College classes
(2) Athletic teams
(3) Intramurals
(4) Non-credit classes
(5) Other College activities
(6) Community groups

c. Regulations for Gymnasium Use

(1) No food or beverages in the gym.
(2) Gym shoes or sock feet only are permitted on the gym floor. Shoes worn outside, even gym shoes, are damaging to the floor.
(3) College officials may deny use of the gymnasium to individuals or groups for failure to observe these regulations.


4.28.9 Rental Fees and Charges – A schedule of rental fees and charges for the rental of College property or facilities will be developed and maintained by the Chief Financial Officer.



(Adopted 11-2-1987; Revised 3-4-2002; Revised 5-9-2016)