4.36 Safety Policy

East Central College will endeavor to provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees and to minimize the risk of loss to personnel and property of the College.


4.36.1 Compliance with standard safety practices will assist the College in achieving safety and loss control.

1. College employees involved in any accident that results in personal injury or damage to property should immediately report the accident to a supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.

2. Any employee injuries should receive first aid promptly as overseen by a supervisor and if injuries are serious, local emergency health care providers should be contacted.

3. Any condition or practice that might cause injury or damage to equipment should be reported immediately to a supervisor or the Director of Human Resources.

4. No equipment in unsafe condition should be operated, and all equipment should be operated in a safe manner.

5. All prescribed safety and personal protective equipment should be used when required and maintained in working condition.

6. Each unit should develop and implement the standards of safety and loss control relevant to its work and should maintain a manual of prescribed practices, a list of safety rules and training so that all employees are aware of such standards and practices.

7. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited.

8. Compliance with existing safety and health laws that apply to the workplace is required.

(Reaffirmed 12-2-1991; Revised 8-25-2008)