5.16 Faculty Emeritus

Appointments of retired faculty to the honorary status of emeritus faculty may be made by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the President.

Procedures for Faculty Upon Retirement:

A. Upon retirement, following fifteen consecutive years of full time service to the College, a faculty member is eligible to apply for Emeritus title.

B. A retired faculty member will complete the application form and submit all the required documents to the Office of Instruction.

C. Applicants will be reviewed by a seven (7) member committee appointed by the President, and consisting of five faculty, one administrator and one professional staff member. The committee will establish the criteria used to advance a recommendation of emeritus status. The committee will meet in the spring of each year and recommend Emeritus status no later than the April Board of Trustees meeting.

D. The committee will make recommendation to the President; the decision of the President is final and not subject to appeal.

E. Applicants not granted emeritus status may reapply in two (2) years.

F. Limitations in the number of retirees granted emeritus status will apply and will be determined annually by the committee. Any applicant not advancing due to limitations will be automatically considered in the following year’s pool.

Procedures for Faculty Retired More Than One Year and Posthumous Applications:

A. Faculty members, retired from the College for a minimum of one year and having served as a full-time faculty member for a minimum of fifteen consecutive years, may apply for emeritus status.

B. Application procedures and limitations will follow the guidelines for faculty at retirement. Retirees of more than one year will complete the application form and submit all required documentation to the Office of Instruction.

C. Emeritus status can be awarded posthumously; an application can be made, following the guidelines stated above, on behalf of a deceased retiree.



A. Title of Faculty Emeritus included in all College publications and materials.

B. The option to attend commencement in full academic regalia.

C. Eligible for tuition waivers for credit courses.

D. An invitation to campus social activities.

E. A certificate noting the Emeritus appointment and placement of the name of the Emeritus Faculty on a plaque in a prominent location on campus.

F. A campus identification card noting the Faculty Emeritus status.

G. An ECC email address.

(Adopted 2-4-2013; Revised 11-4-2013)