5.18 Position Descriptions

The Office of Human Resources will maintain accurate position descriptions for each regular position at the College.

Procedures: (Revised 11-4-2013)

5.18.1 Position Description Contents

The information contained in each position will include a summary of the position’s classification level, primary duties, essential tasks, positions supervised, educational/work experience requirements, physical requirements and other relevant functions.


5.18.2 Responsibility for Accuracy of Description

The Office of Human Resources, in conjunction with the department supervisor, division Vice President and the President of the College, will be responsible for creating, reviewing and revising the descriptions. The performance evaluation process includes a review of the employee’s job description. Position descriptions do not necessarily cover every task or responsibility that may be assigned and do not limit administration’s right to assign additional related duties as needed.

(Approved 8-14-1989; Revised 5-12-2003; Reaffirmed 11-4-2013)