5.21 Performance Review

Supervisors will conduct annual performance reviews on each regular employee according to job responsibilities, employment obligations and goals. Performance reviews will be scheduled by the supervisor and conducted using a fair and objective evaluation process. The purpose of this review process is to evaluate performance for consideration of job retention and performance improvement.

Procedures: (Revised 8-14-2006, 4-15-2014)

5.21.1 Performance Review Schedule (revised 12-13-2017)

Classification Performance Review Date Recommendation to Board
President June July
Administrators February – March April
Professional Staff March – April May
Faculty November – March April
Support Staff September – October Not applicable


5.21.2 Procedures by Classification

A. Faculty

Full-time faculty will be evaluated by the division chair and Chief Academic Officer on 1) teaching and instructional management, including content expertise, instructional design, instructional delivery, and record-keeping and classroom management, 2) College and community service, and 3) professional growth and development.

The performance review process will include submission of a development portfolio by the faculty member to demonstrate compliance with the three areas listed above.

A detailed “Professional Evaluation and Development Portfolio” booklet is provided to each full-time faculty member outlining the evaluation process and including sample forms.

Full-time faculty on annual contracts will be evaluated annually. Full-time faculty on continuous contracts will be evaluated on a regular rotation with no longer than a three-year interval or as deemed necessary.

Adjunct faculty will be evaluated by the division chairperson during their first semester of employment and on a regular rotation with no longer than a three-year interval or as deemed necessary.

B. Professional and Support Staff

The Board of Trustees will evaluate the President of the College.

All employees will be evaluated annually by the immediate supervisor on performance of position responsibilities.

If the employee receives an overall performance evaluation that indicates performance needs improvement, the employee will receive a performance improvement plan, and the employee will be re-evaluated as specified in the improvement plan. If only selected categories of the performance evaluation need improvement, the supervisor may elect to write a performance improvement plan focused on those areas. A performance improvement plan can be implemented at any time deemed necessary and is not solely a function of the performance review process.

A Performance Improvement Plan will address each specific performance issue that needs improvement, the action that must be taken to correct deficiencies and the date of the next evaluation. This plan will be attached to the evaluation form. Non-compliance with the Performance Improvement Plan will result in further action, up to and including termination.

After the supervisor has provided the evaluation to the employee, the employee has ten calendar days to review and respond. Following the employee response period, the supervisor will route the completed evaluation form to the appropriate Vice President for review. Completed evaluations are then forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for review prior to inclusion in personnel files.

New employees will be evaluated after three months of employment. A six-month evaluation may be required at the discretion of the supervisor.


5.21.3 Evaluation Process Management (revised 3-1-2018)

The Chief Academic Officer will be responsible for developing and monitoring the faculty evaluation process including documentation; original evaluations and other performance documentation will be housed in the Human Resources department. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for developing and monitoring the evaluation process including documentation for administrators, professional and support staff. All evaluation processes are subject to approval by the College President.

(Adopted 6-1-1992; Revised 2-2-2004, 4-15-2014)