5.24 Supplemental Employment

No full-time employee of the College will engage in any supplemental employment which will in any way interfere with his/her ability to carry out his/her assignment. Authorization must be obtained before an employee accepts supplemental employment during any period when he/she is performing work for the College. Supplemental employment is defined as any assignment for pay with the College or any other employer that is outside the employee’s defined, regular College position.

Procedures: (Revised 8-14-2006)

5.24.1 Requests for Permission (Revised 3-3-2014)

Requests to accept supplemental employment with the College or any other employer, including self-employment, should be submitted on the Supplemental Employment Request form and approved by the appropriate administrators, including the College President. Requests need to be submitted each fiscal year and when the supplemental employment changes. Requests for adjunct assignments shall be submitted each semester prior to the start of classes. Approval is valid for a maximum of one year or the specified date.


5.24.2 Use of Leave for Supplemental Employment (Revised 3-3-2014)

Employees who have accepted supplemental employment may not utilize paid sick leave when the absence is used to work on the supplemental job. Personal leave and vacation days may not be utilized to work a supplemental job at the College.


5.24.3 Provision of Tutoring or Private Services

Employees shall not tutor or provide services for compensation to any student who should receive those services free of charge through the use of usual and customary College services and procedures.


5.24.4 Supplemental Employment for Additional Compensation with the College (Adopted 3-3-2014)

College employees with supplemental employment must perform the duties outside of their normal work shift, including breaks and/or lunch and cannot use accrued leave.

Full-time professional employees teaching/working for the College outside of their normal job shall be paid through the assignment sheet/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) while a full-time hourly employee shall complete a timesheet for hours worked.

Exempt employees will be paid according to the terms of the assignment sheet or MOU.

Non-exempt employees will be paid at the established hourly rate for the supplementary job for actual hours worked and will receive pay for an evening class if the College is closed for inclement weather. Non-exempt employees must keep an accurate time record of all hours worked for the supplementary teaching duties and submit a separate timesheet for this position to the appropriate division chair.

(Approved 12-3-1968; Revised 6-23-2003, 3-3-2014)