5.33 Service Awards

It is the policy of the College to recognize eligible employees for their years of service to the institution.

Procedures: (Revised 8-2007)

5.33.1 Years of Service Recognized (Revised 11-4-2013; 7-1-2016)

Awards shall be presented annually by the President of the College to full-time and part-time employees at their five-year service anniversary and every five years following. Awards shall also be presented upon retirement from the College as defined by Policy 5.36.  Effective July 1, 2017, adjunct faculty will be recognized for their years of service at their five-year anniversary and every five years following.


5.33.2 Determining Eligibility (Revised 12-23-2014; 7-1-2016)

A. Years of service will be determined from the first date of full-time or part-time employment with the College (including temporary full-time employment and/or part-time employment that is contiguous with regular full-time employment) except that adjunct faculty service will not be added to years of full-time service. Time spent on approved leave of absence such as Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, or Sabbatical or Professional Leave will be considered as active employment for service awards. In the event of a termination of employment and subsequent rehire, years of service will be adjusted accordingly.  Calculation of years of service for service awards may be different than years of service calculation for benefits.

B.  Employees must have reached the five-year service interval prior to October 1 of the year they are recognized.

C.  The Office of Human Resources is responsible for identifying those employees to be honored.


5.33.3 Awards (Revised 11-4-2013; 7-1-2016)

Full-time and part-time employees eligible for recognition for their years of service will be honored at a recognition dinner with the Board of Trustees and administrators prior to the October Board meeting each year. All honorees will receive a certificate of recognition. Those with ten or more years of service will also receive an award commemorating their years of service.

Adjunct faculty eligible for recognition for their years of service will be recognized during a fall in-service event such as the adjunct faculty workshop.

(Approved 3-4-1991; Revised 6-23-2003, 11-4-2013)