5.39 Professional Development – Faculty

East Central College is strongly committed to professional development and encourages faculty to take advantage of opportunities for education, peer networking, learning and growth.

Procedures: (Revised 4-15-2l014)

5.39.1 All full-time faculty may have access to an annual budget for professional development.

A. Faculty may accrue a budgeted amount provided that a Faculty Development Plan outlining proposed use of funds is submitted either in written or electronic format within 15 days of the faculty member’s contract start date.

B. The plan should be submitted to the division chair and the Chief Academic Officer. Faculty may participate in development activities such as coursework intended to improve specific skills (i.e. technological skills), workshops related to improving instruction, conferences designed for professional enhancement or related activities. Faculty development funds may be used to pay for advanced coursework that does not qualify for tuition assistance.

5.39.2 Faculty who successfully complete the approved activities as outlined in the Faculty Development Plan may request reimbursement.

A. Upon successful completion of the development activity, faculty will submit appropriate documentation and request for reimbursement to the Chief Academic Officer for verification.

B. Upon approval, the documentation will be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer for reimbursement.

C. Reimbursement amounts will be computed as outlined in the Expense Reimbursement Policy (4.18).

(Approved 4-7-2003; Revised 8-27-2007, 4-15-2014)