5.40 Professional Development – Staff

East Central College is strongly committed to professional development and encourages professional and support staff to take advantage of opportunities for education, peer networking, learning and growth.

Procedures: (Adopted 4-15-2014)

5.40.1 Employees may participate in development activities or workshops intended to improve specific skills (i.e. technical skills), conferences designed for professional enhancement and/or related activities.

5.40.2 All full-time professional and support staff should submit requests to participate in conferences, training or workshops to their supervisor for approval. Requests for professional development must relate to the job.

5.40.3 Upon successful completion of the approved development activity, employees will submit appropriate documentation and request for reimbursement for eligible expenses to the supervisor for approval. Reimbursement amounts will be computed as outlined in the Expense Reimbursement Policy (4.18).

(Adopted 4-15-2014)