5.7 Faculty Rank and Promotion

Appointments of faculty to academic rank will be made by the Board upon recommendation of the President and the Chief Academic Officer.

Procedures: (Revised 7-12-2010, 11-4-2013)

A. Applicable titles include Instructor (default appointment at hire), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. The College reserves the right to make appointments to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor at hire based on established criteria.

B. Faculty on continuing contracts are eligible to receive rank promotions and associated salary adjustments based upon established criteria and a review conducted by the Rank and Promotion Committee.

C. Limitations to the number of faculty promoted annually will apply.

D. The College reserves the right to suspend the rank and promotion system should budget conditions warrant.

(Approved 9-8-1998; Revised 2-2-2004, 7-12-2010; Reaffirmed 11-4-2013)