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1440440019One of the more rewarding programs we offer is the Volunteer Tutor program. East Central College Adult Education and Literacy has partnered with two area literacy councils to recruit and train volunteer tutors. Gateway Y-Literacy helps in Franklin and Gasconade Counties. The East Central Area Literacy Council helps in Phelps, Crawford, Osage and Maries Counties. Volunteer tutors work in many areas including high school equivalency preparation, literacy (basic reading and writing skills), and English language acquisition. The tutors work one on one or with small groups. The time required is once a week for a few hours though some do volunteer several days or evenings a week. Tutor training is required before a tutor is placed in a class.

Requirements before being placed in a classroom include attending a tutor training session and having a background check conducted.

Tutors in the East Central College Adult Education and Literacy Program work in two different fields-High School Equivalency preparation and English Language Acquisition. All of our tutors are volunteers. The expected commitment is for tutors to come once a week for 2-3 hours.

AEL classes use literacy tutors, general tutors and many volunteers depending on classroom needs:

Literacy Tutor:
Works with students who test below sixth grade level in at least one subject area. Some students are very low level. Others only have problems in one area. Certain students may have learning differences or special needs. Tutor training covers specific techniques and materials for working with these students. Further assistance and materials are available from the Literacy Coordinator.

High School Equivalency Tutor: 
Assists the teacher by providing one-on-one assistance with any student that needs extra help. Tutors may work with small groups on topics that frequently give problems, such as fractions or punctuation. The tutor can select the subject area(s) he/she is most comfortable tutoring.

The English Language program also uses two types of tutors, general ELA and citizenship tutors:

ELA Tutor:

Frequently leads small conversation groups or has one-on-one conversations. Topics and questions may be provided by the teacher. Tutors may also work one-on-one or in small groups teaching reading, writing, or grammar, especially in lower levels.

Citizenship Tutor:

Helps students prepare for their citizenship interview. Requires 1 ½ extra hours of training in the naturalization process. ELA tutors do not need to speak another language.

The next tutor training sessions are scheduled for Thursday, February 23 from 5 pm-8 pm at East Central College, room 132 at 500 Forum Dr. and on Monday, February 27 from 9 am-12 pm at the First Baptist Church of Rolla at 801 Cedar Street. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor with the East Central Area Literacy Council, please call Pam Kaiser at (636) 584-6788 or call (844) ECC-4AEL (844-322-4235). You can also send an email with the following information to

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