Student Government Association

2016-17 SGA Officers & Advisors

Union Campus


SGA Officers from left to right: Darcy Becker, Stacy Squires, Aiden Worley, Melissa Yetkin


  • President – Aiden Worley
  • Vice President – Melissa Yetkin
  • Chief Recording Officer – Stacy Squires
  • Public Relations Officer – Darcy Becker

Advisor: Courtney Henrichsen

The Student Government Association Student Senate at the ECC campus in Union meets each week on Fridays in Hansen Hall, Room 286 at 1:30 p.m. Club Council meetings for student club and organization representatives occurs at 2:30PM on the first Friday of each month, immediately following the Student Senate meeting.

Meetings are open to all students.

ECC Rolla Location


  • President – Kevin Wesley
  • Vice President – Kaleb Nordwald

Advisor: Jenni Crosby

Student Government Association at ECC-Rolla meets the third Thursday of each month in the Student Services Office (Room 114) at 12:30 p.m.

Meetings are open to all students.