Clubs and Organizations

The clubs listed below are currently active.  Clubs retain their active status by maintaining a roster of five members each semester.  Each club is also required to have a faculty or staff sponsor.

Students with a particular interest are encouraged to start their own clubs.  That process is outlined at the bottom of this page with supporting information on the “Forms and Applications” page.

The majority of the clubs listed below are active on the ECC campus in Union.  Clubs at ECC’s Rolla location are so noted. Please note that all phone numbers with “ext.” begin with 636-584-XXXX.

Art Club

Mission: To create a vision of community around the arts.

Sponsor: Luke Firle,

Collegiate DECA

Mission: DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the world.

Sponsor: Steffani McCrary – ext. 6569,

Creative Writing Club

Mission: To create a supportive community of creative writers in which aspiring writers can share ideas, explore possibilities, and discover publishing opportunities.
Creative Writing Club Constitution

Advisor: Katie Holtmeyer, ext. 6607,

Crochet Club

Advisor: Jenifer Goodson, ext. 6622,

Democratic Socialists of America

Sponsor: John Hardecke, 636-584-6656,

Disc Golf Club

Advisor: Timothy Gray, ext. 6716,

ECC Christian Club

Mission: Our mission is to provide teaching and fellowship for those in search of it.

Sponsor: Lisa Hanneken – ext. 6562,

Engineering Club

Mission: To provide an environment for students to explore science and engineering while serving ECC and the engineering program.

Sponsors:  Alison Tucker – ext. 6677,

Isaiah Kellogg – ext. 6685,

ECC Student Media

Mission: The ECC Student Media Club provides students interested in writing and visual expression with a voice on campus. Club members may hold staff positions on the student newspaper, The Cornerstone, and help maintain its accompanying website. They may also help produce the annual ECC Literary Review. Writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, and artists of any kind are encouraged to get involved.

Sponsors: Leigh Kolb – ext. 6643,

Gardening Club – Main Campus

Advisor: Dr. Rich Hudanick –

Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Mission: To build a sense of community between all students on campus regardless of gender, sexuality, or any other distinguishing characteristics, as well as provide a safe social place with a strong system, and most importantly; work to educate.

Sponsor: Philip Giacomelli -ext. 6198,

Health Information Management Club

Advisor: Kim Daman-Scheel – 636-584-6662 –

LPN Student Organization – Rolla

Michelle Chick –
Jessica Fisher –

National Association for Music Education Collegiate – Chapter 6653 (NAfME) (Inactive)

Mission: The purpose of NAfME Collegiate is to afford students an opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school, and to enable students to gain an understanding of: (1) the basic truths and principles that underlie the role of music in human life, (2) the philosophy and function of the music education profession, (3) the professional interests of members involved in the local, state, division, and national levels, (4) the knowledge and practices of the professional music educator as facilitated through chapter activity.

Sponsor: Aaron Bounds – ext. 6697,

Phi Theta Kappa – Chapters at the Union Campus & Rolla Campus

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for the two-year college. Members pursue activities that fall under the direction of the society’s hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.

Mission:   To recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development.  Phi Theta Kappa membership is by invitation only and is based on attaining a 3.5 GPA as a full-time student for a semester.  Members must maintain an overall GPA of 3.2.  Membership is open to all majors throughout the college, including anyone working toward a degree or certificate.

Rolla Sponsor: Dr. Beth Winters-Rozema –  573-466-4084,

Union Sponsors: Kevin Dixon – ext. 6631,

Melanie Dixon – ext. 6554,

Dr. Wendy Pecka – ext. 6658,

Photography Club (Rolla)

Sponsors: Keith Pulles, 636-584-6628,

Psychology Club–Chapters at Union Campus and Rolla Campus

Mission: The ECC Psychology Club is a student organization for all who express an interest in the Psychological Sciences. The goal of this club is to offer opportunities to increase understanding of the field, provide community service, and enrich students’ social experiences.

Union Sponsors: Dr. Wendy Pecka – ext. 6658,
and Rachel Howard- ext. 6547,

Rolla Sponsor: Rachel Howard – ext. 6547,

Rad Tech Club – Rolla

Brandi Grindel –
Laura Ditmeyer –


Mission: To give future young professionals the opportunity to volunteer their time to help the community.  Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored service club.

Sponsor: Karen Klos – ext. 6614,

The R&R Club

Mission: To provide relief via recreational activities–such as video gaming, tabletop games, watching movies, etc.–from the stresses of college life, and to promote a balance between academics and fun.

Sponsor: Dr. Coreen Derifield – ext. 6690, 

SAHIM (Health Information Management Club)

Mission: To promote the field of health information management and provide opportunities for individual growth, leadership, and career preparation in HIM.

Scholar Bowl

Mission: Show off your random trivia knowledge! Topics we cover include chemistry, politics, music, video games, geography, literature, art, Netflix, Biology, Mythology, and more! Scholar Bowl is a team-based trivia competition across many different schools. We intend to represent ECC in the best way possible and do our best in every competition.

Head Sponsor: Joel Doepker – ext. 6527,

Co-Sponsor: Dr. Coreen Derifield – ext. 6690, 

Co-Sponsor: Gregory Stotler- ext. 6612,

Student Government Association – Clubs at the Union Campus & Rolla Location

Mission: To represent the student body in all facets of college life and promote a close relationship with the administration, faculty, and student body for the general welfare of the college. Officers at both locations coordinate various activities and community service events.

Rolla Advisor: Tracy Mowery – 573-466-4085,

Union Advisor: Carson Mowery – 636-584-6583,

Student Missouri State Teachers Association – Clubs at the Union Campus & Rolla Location

Mission: To provide a pre-service organization for future teachers and create a community within the group of students majoring in education. The organization works with MSTA on current trends and issues which affect the role and welfare of teachers in a democracy.

Union Sponsor: Gregory Stotler- ext. 6612,

Student Nurses Association – Clubs at the Union Campus & Rolla Location 

Mission: To promote teamwork and leadership skills among student nurses while working to promote health in the community.

Union Sponsor: Judy Bieker – ext. 6620,

Surg Tech Club – Rolla 

Jennifer Wall –
Megan Vanbibber –

For more information on the clubs listed above, contact the Student Activities Office located in Room 104 in the Donald Shook Student Center on the Union campus.  Carson Mowery is the Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator and can be contacted at 636-584-6583 or at

Union SGA holds regular Student Senate meetings every other Tuesday at 10:30 AM via Zoom. The Zoom link for these meetings is available in the weekly email from the Campus Life Coordinator. Clubs are encouraged to send a representative to these meetings to give a brief update on their club’s activities.

To be recognized as a club by the ECC Student Government Association, the potential organization must have:
1. One full-time faculty/staff sponsor.
2. 16 signatures of ECC students. (8 stating they will be in the club and 8 saying they will support this club)
3. Potential club members who agree to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
4. Submitted a club name and mission statement.
5. Verification of completion of these requirements by the Vice President of Student Development and one advisor to the Student Government Association.

Once these requirements have been met, the Student Government Association will recognize the club at the next Student Senate meeting.