Associate of Arts in Music

The Associates of Art in music prepares students to pursue the Bachelor of Music Education degree and other degrees in music. The Department of Music at East Central College offers a viable transfer program, a variety of performing and learning experiences and a dynamic concert series for the campus and region. Our talented faculty members offer high quality instruction in general education and core music curriculum and music performance fields which includes: music theory I-IV, music history, applied music in voice, piano, woodwind, strings, brass, percussion, guitar, choral ensembles, band ensembles, percussion ensembles, music appreciation, world music, fundamentals of music, jazz improvisation, and class pianos in a state-of-the-art class piano lab.

The department offers a variety of performance opportunities through student recitals and ensemble concerts. The college is recognized as a center of artistic excellence in the community offering a rewarding cultural and intellectual learning environment. Students have the opportunities to attend on-campus performances, lectures and master classes by world-class artists.

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Dr. Tim Sexton, Division Chair,Humanities and Fine Arts

Office: HH 115

Jennifer Judd, Professor, Music/Program Coordinator

Office: HH 111

Aaron Bounds, Instructor, Music/Band Director

Office: HH 113