Music Courses

MUA 100 Studio Performance Class0
MUA 101 Applied Voice I1
MUA 102 Applied Voice II1
MUA 103 Applied Voice III1
MUA 111 Applied Instrument I1
MUA 112 Applied Instrument II1
MUA 113 Applied Instrument III1
MUA 115 Applied Woodwind I1
MUA 116 Applied Woodwind II1
MUA 117 Applied Woodwind III1
MUA 121 Applied Low Brass I1
MUA 122 Applied Low Brass II1
MUA 123 Applied Low Brass III1
MUA 125 Applied High Brass I1
MUA 126 Applied High Brass II1
MUA 127 Applied High Brass III1
MUA 131 Applied Piano I1
MUA 132 Applied Piano II1
MUA 133 Applied Piano III1
MUA 135 Applied String I1
MUA 136 Applied String II1
MUA 137 Applied String III1
MUA 141 Applied Guitar I1
MUA 142 Applied Guitar II1
MUA 143 Applied Guitar III1
MUA 145 Applied Percussion I1
MUA 146 Applied Percussion II1
MUA 147 Applied Percussion III1
MUA 200 Studio Performance Class0
MUA 201 Applied Voice IV1
MUA 202 Applied Voice Advanced Skills1
MUA 203 Applied Voice VI1
MUA 211 Applied Instrument IV1
MUA 212 Applied Instrument Advanced Skills1
MUA 215 Applied Woodwind IV1
MUA 216 Applied Woodwind Advanced Skills1
MUA 221 Applied Low Brass IV1
MUA 222 Applied Low Brass Advanced Skills1
MUA 225 Applied High Brass IV1
MUA 226 Applied High Brass Advanced Skills1
MUA 231 Applied Piano IV1
MUA 232 Applied Piano Advanced Skills1-2
MUA 235 Applied String IV1
MUA 236 Applied String Advanced Skills1-2
MUA 237 Applied String VI1
MUA 241 Applied Guitar IV1
MUA 242 Applied Guitar Advanced Skills1-2
MUA 245 Applied Percussion IV1
MUA 246 Applied Percussion Advanced Skills1-2
MUC 001 Recital Attendance I0
MUC 002 Recital Attendance II0
MUC 003 Recital Attendance III0
MUC 004 Recital Attendance IV0
MUC 005 Recital Attendance V0
MUC 006 Recital Attendance VI0
MUC 101 Music Theory I(Aural)1
MUC 102 Music Theory I (Written)3
MUC 103 Music Theory II (Aural)1
MUC 104 Music Theory II (Written)3
MUC 111 Class Piano I: Beginners2
MUC 112 Class Piano II: Upper Elementary2
MUC 113 Class Piano III: Early Intermediate2
MUC 141 Vocal Diction (English & French)1
MUC 142 Vocal Diction (Italian & German)1
MUC 201 Music Theory III (Aural)1
MUC 202 Music Theory III (Written)3
MUC 203 Music Theory IV (Aural)1
MUC 204 Music Theory IV (Written)3
MUC 211 Class Piano IV: Intermediate2
MUC 212 Class Piano Advanced Skills2
MUC 222 Basic Conducting2
MUE 101 Choral Association I1
MUE 102 Choral Association II1
MUE 103 Choral Association III1
MUE 105 College Choir I1
MUE 106 College Choir II1
MUE 107 College Choir III1
MUE 111 Vocal Jazz Ensemble I1
MUE 112 Vocal Jazz Ensemble II1
MUE 113 Vocal Jazz Ensemble III1
MUE 115 College Band I1
MUE 116 College Band II1
MUE 117 College Band III1
MUE 121 Jazz Band I1
MUE 122 Jazz Band II1
MUE 123 Jazz Band III1
MUE 125 Jazz Combo I1
MUE 126 Jazz Combo II1
MUE 127 Jazz Combo III1
MUE 131 Piano Ensemble I1
MUE 132 Piano Ensemble II1
MUE 133 Piano Ensemble III1
MUE 135 String Ensemble I1
MUE 136 String Ensemble II1
MUE 137 String Ensemble III1
MUE 141 Guitar Ensemble I1
MUE 142 Guitar Ensemble II1
MUE 143 Guitar Ensemble III1
MUE 145 Percussion Ensemble I1
MUE 146 Percussion Ensemble II1
MUE 147 Percussion Ensemble III1
MUE 201 Choral Association IV1
MUE 202 Choral Association Advanced Skills1
MUE 205 College Choir IV1
MUE 206 College Choir Advanced Skills1
MUE 211 Vocal Jazz Ensemble IV1
MUE 212 Vocal Jazz Ensemble Advanced Skills1
MUE 215 College Band IV1
MUE 216 College Band Advanced Skills1
MUE 221 Jazz Band IV1
MUE 222 Jazz Band Advanced Skills1
MUE 225 Jazz Combo IV1
MUE 226 Jazz Combo Advanced Skills1
MUE 231 Piano Ensemble IV1
MUE 235 String Ensemble IV1
MUE 236 String Ensemble Advanced Skills1
MUE 241 Guitar Ensemble IV1
MUE 242 Guitar Ensemble Advanced Skills1
MUE 245 Percussion Ensemble IV1
MUE 246 Percussion Ensemble Advanced Skills1
MUS 100 Fundamentals of Music3
MUS 101 Music Appreciation3
MUS 151 World Music3
MUS 154 Music Appreciation: Age of Rock & Roll3
MUS 155 Jazz Appreciation3
MUS 171 Music History From 18003
MUS 172 Music History to 18003
MUS 228 Principles of Music Education3
MUS 270 I.S.-Music1 - 5
MUS 280 Special Topics-Music1 - 5