Arts & Humanities Pathway

The Arts and Humanities Pathway introduces students to the history of ideas that have defined cultures through a study of the visual arts, literature, theatre, music, and media. We emphasize connections among the arts, and how artistic expression has shaped humanity. Students may choose to pursue an AFA in Art or Music or an AA with tracks in English, Journalism/Mass Media, Music, or Theatre that will prepare them to obtain a bachelor’s degree and work in a wide variety of fields.

Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Opportunities at ECC

The Fine Arts programs are known throughout the area for the ECC art gallery, band, music and theatre performances that involve ECC students, ECC alumni, community members, and visiting artists and musicians. The English and Journalism/Mass Media Departments sponsor student publications and writing contests, and organize the ECC Film and Lecture Series.

More information about General Education and Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Arts degrees is listed at the Liberal Studies page.

Each Academic Pathway requires Falcon Seminar. Information about Falcon Seminar is listed at the Liberal Studies page.

Read about the experiences of ECC Arts & Humanities Alumni in the English & Media Studies Alumni Magazine.