The ECC Associate of Arts with an emphasis in English prepares students to transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree in English or related fields. The program of study consists of the general education core classes plus specific electives, including literature and writing courses. Those pursuing a degree in English become critical, analytical, and creative thinkers and writers. Students of English at ECC work closely with their instructors and advisors to choose courses that will challenge them and help them grow, all while transferring seamlessly to four-year colleges and universities.

Common elective choices for students who want to concentrate in English include:

  • Honors Composition
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • African American Literature
  • Women’s Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • News Writing
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Literature of Science Fiction
  • World Literature
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Applied Journalism
  • Foreign Language

The ECC English Department holds a Writing Contest in fall and spring semesters, which awards students cash prizes and publication opportunities for creative and academic writing. Students can also get involved in the ECC Literary and Art Review by submitting work and helping create the publication, and Creative Writing students can be chosen to participate in the annual Faculty and Student Poetry Invitational Reading. ECC Student Media produces the student newspaper, the Cornerstone (in print and online); and an arts and culture magazine, the Cusp. The ECC Film and Lecture Series features critically acclaimed documentary and narrative films, scholars, authors, and journalists.

Obtaining an English degree opens up a world of possibilities for graduates. While English majors often go into fields such as publishing, corporate communications, copywriting, film and television, journalism, academia, technical writing and editing, English majors develop critical thinking, communication and analytical skills that can be highly sought after in business, marketing, finance, the nonprofit sector and public service. A bachelor’s degree in English is often a foundational degree for further studies in law or library science.

Program Learning Outcomes
English, AA Program Learning Outcomes