Fine Art and Graphic Design Department Mission

The East Central College Fine Art and Graphic Design Department’s mission is to provide a strong foundation rooted in the principles of art and design and foster a creative atmosphere fundamental to life long learning in which a student develops mastery of skills and techniques, develops critical and creative approaches to problem solving that are communicated in a visual context as well as in written and verbal format, becomes socially aware of trends and traditions of the larger art world both past and present in preparation for transfer.

Fine Art and Graphic Design Department Goals

Graduates of this program should be able to demonstrate the following art specific tasks, as well as implement ECC’s Common Learning Objectives:

• Be ethical and socially responsible

• Be able to communicate effectively in a written and verbal manner

• Be able to think critically and creatively to solve problems and advance solutions

• Demonstrate proficiency in the basic artistic materials, techniques and principles of art and design

• Understand major art and design works from the past, the styles they represent, and their significance for artists today

• Discuss and analyze major issues facing the art and design world today

• Select and prepare works for exhibition

• Prepare a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates competence in all areas of art and design foundations

Associate of Fine Arts Degree

East Central College offers two options to students interested in pursing Art. The Associate of Fine Arts degree (AFA) is the path that allows Fine Arts majors to complete a series of fine arts foundation courses, to experience and develop skills in a variety of media, and to compile a comprehensive portfolio of artwork. While the AFA degree is often pursued by those planning to transfer into a BA or BFA program, the courses lay the groundwork for lifelong artistic growth and build a solid skill set for those who seek employment opportunities with the AFA degree.

What to expect from the AFA at East Central College: The Associate of Fine Arts degree at East Central College is a program rooted in a foundational core curriculum of drawing, design (two dimensional, three dimensional, and color), art history, as well as, an in-depth studio art experience. The program culminates with the student compiled portfolio.


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Adam Watkins, Assistant Professor of Art
Office: HH 239

Jennifer Higerd, Instructor, Art/Gallery Curator
Office: HH 241