Will my instructors automatically be informed about my disability and accommodation needs?

No, once accommodations have been approved, Access Service generates an accommodation notification form. It’s the student’s responsibility to deliver that form to their instructors. The student determines which classes and instructors will receive these letters. A student’s diagnosis will not be automatically shared with instructors or staff unless it is a need to know basis or due to an emergency.

What types of accommodations are generally offered?

East Central provides testing accommodations including extra time, reduced distraction locations, readers, and scribes. Additional accommodations might include note-taking assistance, alternate format texts, and auxiliary aids.

If I receive audiotext as one of my accommodations through Access Services, do I still need to purchase textbooks?

Yes, copyright law indicates that a student with a print disability needing alternative text (e.g. large print, audio or braille) may receive it if they’ve purchased a copy of the text, but no one may alter the content in any way.

How long does it take to process my audiotext request?

Audio book requests take at least 8 weeks after submitting an application for alternative textbooks with original paid receipt of textbooks.

Who do I contact if I need other class materials and tests converted into an alternative format per my accommodations form?

Denise Walker in the Adaptive Technology Lab (BH 187) or contact denise.walker@eastcentral.edu

Are there testing rooms available that are mostly distraction free for individual testing?

Yes, the Testing Center and Access Services department has individual testing rooms available to students who need this as an accommodation. Each room is equipped with a computer and sound machine, but students must make an appointment with either department for use.

Can a Learning Center tutor act as a reader/scribe?

Generally no; however, The Learning Center has an Adaptive Technology Lab equipped with software for Access students that can help. The Adaptive Technology lab can be found in the back of TLC in Buescher Hall (BH-187).

Is there special tutoring for students with disabilities?

There is no special tutoring as an accommodation, but students can visit The Learning Center (in the BH building) to receive help in a variety of subjects, study skills, and college success coaching; more specifically, visit the Adaptive Lab inside TLC and speak with the Specialist who would be happy to guide you through the process of gaining access to the resources you need.